Should politics be a dealbreaker?

This current political landscape has been tumultuous to say the least. So what happens when you are on opposite sides of the fence from your colleague or even worse, client? Is it a dealbreaker?

Not necessarily. Look, I respect people’s political views, but as long as they don’t let that trickle over into the work space, we’re all good.

BUT, if you are working with someone and if they start to either:

  1. Push their political views on you
  2. Mock or criticize your political views
  3. Let their political views influence how they work/communicate with you
  4. Always want to talk politics, even if you don’t want to

Then you know it’s time to pull out this card:

Cause life’s too short to work with people that don’t respect your beliefs or the beliefs of others.

Liz Lemon out.

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