mpathy. For customers
Three Years in San Francisco
Mike Davidson

For all the talk of “customer empathy” in this post, I’ve gotta say that, as a Twitter user, I feel a distinct lack of empathy from the company these days.

Twitter users aren’t exactly what you would call “happy” these days. And in the marketplace there is pretty wide agreement that Twitter’s problems are ultimately product-related.

Maybe the empathy is there, but I, and millions of others like me, aren’t seeing it. It feels like features are rolled out with the mindset of short-term growth, and little else. I can’t remember the last time I was asked to take a survey that wasn’t related to Twitter ads, or spending money on the site.

Changes feel Wall Street-driven, not customer-driven.

Look, I know you can’t satisfy all customers at once. And I know this stuff is not easy, believe me. But still — touting Twitter’s empathetic culture, one that puts its customers’ best interest at heart, feels a bit tone deaf, to say the least…

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