Inside Wannacry — the worst ransomware outbreak in history — and how to protect yourself
Quincy Larson

Another (obvious) solution is to upgrade your OS or replace your current computer with one that can run the latest & greatest version of Windows — one that can actually be patched.

I’ve been running the auto-update on my 5+ year old HP laptop with Windows 7 since I got it pretty much without fail. Fortunately, I did get the March update, but for the first time, the May update hung my computer at 30%. I spent a good part of the day trying to force the update but to no avail. I ended up turning off auto-update so I can use it for now.

I’ll try to install the May patches in a week or so, but the computer (and OS) is too old to spend the time to reinstall Windows 7 from scratch. I’ll probably decide to replace the computer and reluctantly move to Windows 10 at that time.

Since my Mac is my primary computer, this is not so much of a big deal though I’m going to miss Windows 7 and the apps I installed on it over the years.

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