What Women Don’t Say

My comment for the vitriolic screeds written in response to this article: just because this is a “slice of life” narration, doesn’t mean it’s a slice of everyone’s life. Get a grip.

This story rings true for a lot of women, but not for ALL women. There are shades of truth that we men (if we’re honest) can recognize in ourselves.

And frankly, all of us (men and women) can be a bit self-absorbed at times and fail to communicate honestly. That doesn’t mean we’re bad people or abusive. It just means we’re human, with all the faults, flaws, and frailties that come with the package.

As they say, your mileage may vary — in jobs, in relationships, in life. The sooner one realizes that and digs deep to address the challenges of each pitfall, then happiness can be attained… or at least neared.

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