Why I’m Not On Medium Much Anymore
Abby Norman

Your story illustrates one of the many frustrating things about medical professionals & it’s clear that more needs to be done in terms of training doctors in the art of empathy.

A neurologist performs a spinal tap. There is a small likelihood something may run afoul, but you’ve signed your life away about legal acknowledging that risk. Something bad happens. The doctor shrugs and says, “Whoopsie. You have a problem YOU need to deal with.” WTF?

If it were me, I would be seeking legal relief and another neurologist. While the latter may not be able to fix the problem, a second opinion from a top specialist is warranted & may be able to provide insights. It also sends a signal to the first neurologist that by firing her, you distrust her medical skills.

A medical malpractice suit, on the other hand, may allow the facts to come out that you’re looking for. How did this happen? How can this have been prevented? What can be done to reverse it? Who’s responsible and now that my life’s become infinitely more complicated, who’s going to pay for the additional care I’ll need for the rest of my life?

You’re probably following all of these remedies, but your piece really angered me. Your neurologist’s cavalier attitude toward the damage she did to you is despicable.

I wish you strength & courage.