Jose Burciaga Jr. Joins 4th Division — Keene FC as General Manager & UPSL

I am never sure when I talk to other fans about the Lower League Soccer involved with US Soccer. 
I am surprised when people know about USL, let alone something even further down the invisible pyramid. 
Some of the “Insiders” I talk to believe that UPSL has 3rd Division type teams in the league of the UPSL. This very well could be the case but if you dive deep into what the UPSL is doing on a National Scale you maybe impressed. Currently in our Main Division of Soccer — Major League Soccer and United Soccer League there isn’t a way for a team to move up the ladder and also get pushed down the ladder. 
This is where the United Premier Soccer League comes in.

“The UPSL was formed in 2011 and has over 90 member clubs in nineteen states. Each UPSL team is independently owned and operated. The league played two seasons each calendar year (October–April and May–August) before switching to a March to July and September to December format, followed by championship playoffs.[5] The league intends to have over 100 teams for its 2018 Spring Season.

UPSL announced it would begin promotion/relegation system beginning in 2017.[6][7] Teams will compete in two divisions: Pro Premier and Championship.

In November 2016 the UPSL announced the addition of a Colorado conference set to begin in 2017.[8][9]

In August 2017, the league announced that all eleven clubs of the Premier League of America would be joining the USPL as a new Midwest Conference. The conference will initiate friendlies during the 2017 Fall Season and begin league play in 2018.”

The League is now way above 200 teams league wide and since I live in Texas, I have been following pretty closely the UPSL movement since last year, you have some teams that come and go with all leagues here in Texas, NPSL, TPSL, PDL, and I am sure you can say the same after this first season with UPSL. What makes the UPSL different is the Promotion and Relegation that it is bringing to United States Soccer.

I live in the Austin area, so I am following plenty of teams.

Looking forward to FC Thunder coming to the Boerne County.

But I want to focus on a small town club named Keene FC

I have been following the via social media and even made it out to their last home game. I knew that I wanted to chat about them when I saw their owners cleaning up after the fans, which I am sure it was around 400–500 fans (Not bad for anyone following Lower Division Soccer.)

Keene,Tx is a very small town —,_Texas
Population is around 6,000 folks, by far one of the smallest UPSL populated teams in the Texas market.

But for a small club they have been making big waves I believe since day one. They have great social media and presentation during the games as well as on their mycujoo page.

The game I went to I saw that the grass was pretty dead, that is to be expected with the Texas summer, I think all the teams are dealing with this right now.

I am back home the following week and I hear that Keene FC has hired a new General Manager — Jose Burciaga, Jr.

I have watched MLS for quite a bit — because I am old and was impressed to see that he joined a club that already has a lot of potential, the stadium where they play — amazing — great location and they can really build on it.

This is the article to the website about Jose Burciaga on Keene FC.

This is what UPSL and Division 3 and 4 soccer can be about — actually growing the sport and starting with getting former MLS Stars to come out and help the sport grow.

I do not know who Brent Miller and Matt Kahla are personally, and I really cannot find a whole lot of information about them. But I think this is a perfect example — of how to build and show passion for lower league soccer. —

I know that there isn’t a lot of money to be made in lower league soccer, but you can still have a great time and also get to see some guys grow and hopefully move up the ladder in our invisible pyramid.

Good luck UPSL and Good luck Keene FC!

Excited to watch more of the sport-

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