A quick guide to soccer betting and expert soccer predictions

If you think that you’re the only bettor that is afraid of scam tipsters then you’re wrong. In reality, you’re one of the punters that want to take advantage of betting tips by experts but at the same time afraid of losing money on fake tips.

  • Should I rely on tips?
  • Who’ll provide real tips?
  • What will be the cost of buying tips?

These are some of the questions that could come to your mind when you look for expert soccer predictions. Before you buy tips, you should understand what is it? A tipster isn’t an astrologer or a match-fixer that can make accurate predictions every time. A tipster is a mathematician and an expert on football. He’s comprehensive knowledge on the game and also he knows every team and every player individually.

Why should you buy tips?

Since you don’t have complete knowledge on the game and also you don’t have data on winning rate of teams and performance of individual players, you’ve to rely on opinion and advice of an expert. If you try breaking odds without any knowledge and information on soccer betting, you’re certain to lose your bets. On the contrary, buying tips provides you an opportunity to win bets.

Is it possible to predict outcome of soccer matches?

Since it is difficult for you to break odds, you’ll also doubt the ability of an expert tipster. Football betting is breaking odds that are probabilities and you’ll be surprised to know that odds are also made with mathematical calculations. The bookers make odds using all their knowledge and experience in making the odds.

A professional expert tipster can easily break the odds with amazing accuracy. They can find the calculations done for making the odds and calculate the results. But they’re never certain of their results. You’ll see every tipster offering money back guarantee for failed tips. You’ll be charged fee only for successful tips.

Tips are available for free

There are many tipster sites that provide free tips to punters but these tips never materialize. Some experts also offer free tips for beginners. They do so to win confidence of bettors but in reality experts don’t give free tips. On the contrary, they give money back guarantee. If they fail to give winning tips, they’ll refund the money. And it will be clearly written on their sites.

What if I don’t get refund?

It is the real fear that discourages punters from buying tips. You won’t get the refund, if your tipster is a fraud and it’s you, who have to determine reliability of your tipster. And it isn’t difficult to determine whether your tipster is an expert or an opportunist. You should consider certain factors to determine reliability of a tipster.

Experience: A tipster makes calculations from using his knowledge on the game and also he learns making accurate tips from his experience. So, experience matters most. It is also important that it shows that a person is working since a long time.

Money back guarantee: Here you need to be very careful while relying on refund. You might not get cash back in your account as most tipsters like adjusting fee for failed tip in next tip. In other words, tipsters want bettors to continue buying more tips.

There are many tipster sites but not all are reliable. In order to find a professionalsoccer tipster, you’ve to do some homework and also some research work. Soccer betting is now an industry and tipster a service. If you’re really serious about betting and don’t want to lose money on bets then you should first find a professional tipster.

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