Ducking Donald….

Well, I guess if you’re orange and have a lot of money you can do whatever you want. Rules? Procedures? Phhhht, why bother?

So, Trump decided to not attend the next Republican debate in SLC next Monday. “How many times can people ask you the same question?”(Trump, on Fox & Friends). So, he backed out and then Kasich backed out and the debate was canceled. Good job!! (sarcasm noted).

Hmm, let’s see…people will ask you the same questions (and more!) when you have concrete answers and an actual plan for the country, rather than just buzzwords, scapegoating, name calling and deflection.

I also guess if you are Trump you can act like a petulant child throwing a temper tantrum and no one will call you on your shitty behavior and make you appear at the debate or hold you responsible for your words and actions.

Again, good job! Those are the exact qualities we, as a nation look for in a presidential candidate.