Should women call the police on their street harassers?
Elizabeth Licorish

I’m sorry that you had to deal with that crap. Bravo for you for calling the police on those jerks. I don’t know if I would have been so brave. (I’m a runner too, and have been for about 9 years. I’ve gotten comments & looks before, but, I run in the early morning hours and no one is up at that time [I prefer it; it’s glorious]). I probably would have just left, then beaten myself up for reacting that way to the harassment and allowing strangers to influence my choice.

I just found a really useful website: stopstreetharassment dot org. It’s got a ton of helpful information, including local laws/statutes.

It would be great if women could just be ourselves and run without anxiety & fear of harassment. Until then, we have to stand together and speak out.

Thank you for writing this piece!

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