That part is completely eliminated in the broken style.

That part is completely eliminated in the broken style. The Pointed Strap This one goes great with a bald look. Here, the strap starts thick at the upper jaw, but then tapers towards the lower jaw. Like the broken strap, the two sides are not connected. You can extend it along the lower jaw as well, for a different effect. Another cool thing you can do is grow a soul patch. The pointed beard is slightly more difficult to maintain, as shaving the facial hair around the chin symmetrically on both sides of the face can be a problem. The Thin Strap The last of the styles is the thin beard czar . This looks pretty good if you do not have a thick hair. It is as thin as a line drawn with a pencil. It’s easy to maintain and looks neat. A soul patch is a style in which a small tuft of hair is grown beneath the lower lip. It is also referred to as ‘imperial’, ‘small beard’ or ‘mouche’. As this style was first popularized by the jazz musicians in the 1950s and 60s, it came to be known as ‘jazz spot’ or ‘jazz dab’. Since then, many celebrities have worn this style. You could combine this style with a mustache or beard. Though the short and narrow version is preferred, you can change the length, width, and thickness of the tuft of hair. A thinner tuft of hair requires more maintenance than a thicker one. This style has been sported by several Hollywood celebrities. Growing a Soul Patch First of all, you need to let your facial hair grow. You also need to decide whether you would be combining it with a mustache or not. The tuft of hair could be narrow or can be extended towards the corners of the mouth. If you are planning to keep a thinner patch, be ready to give more time to it. It certainly requires more maintenance than a fuller patch. After you have grown a beard, you need to shave. So, begin with your cheeks and the sides of your face. Remove small amounts of hair at a time from the chin. Stop when you are left with the tiny patch or the small tuft of hair below your lower lip. For maintaining a clean-looking patch, make sure you trim hair regularly. If you are going for a fuller look, you might not need to trim it more often. As far as the styles are concerned, you could experiment beard czar reviews a lot. You could combine it with mustache and side burns, but make sure that the style you choose goes well with your face structure. As your facial hair grows from stubble to full beard to soul patch, you can certainly try out several variations during this time. You just need to discover which type of beard makes you look appealing. Maintain the soul patch, and carry it with style! Sport this trendy style to enhance the way you look.