text to video

AI Video Creator is a free text to video platform to any users to enter English wording less than 500 words. Then ai.pictures will email you the generated video.

it’s very straight forward and completely free. All of those videos are commercial license so that you are free to use anywhere.


  • free
  • video is better than image and text for engagement
  • fast: take few mins only to generate
  • earn income

who should use?

  • sales: business presentation/ pitch opening
  • marketing: video ad (online, at shop)/ edm/ ecard/ e-invite
  • web page/ blog/ PBN: increase time on site, lead to better ux for seo
  • social/ IM: higher engagement rate
  • education: video learning/ HR
  • business: youtuber/ vlogger: increase monetised pv/ video production provider

You can try here: https://ai.pictures/text-to-video/

Currently it only supports English and within 500 words.

Looking forward to your test and feedback.