5 Drainage Problems That Need Emergency Drain Repair Service

Having a drainage emergency is no rare, particularly for the households in the United Kingdom. Blocked drains and collapsed pipes are some of the most common examples of drainage emergencies.

Certainly, there are several tips that can help you avoid the circumstance of a drainage emergency. In this post, you will learn about the 5 most common drainage emergencies the professional drainage companies deal with often and tips on how to prevent them.

5 Most Commonly Occurring Drainage Problems

Blocked Drain

If your drains are totally blocking the waste water flow, it is absolutely wise to seek the help from a reliable and professional emergency drain repair service provider in your area. There can be many different causes of blocked drain. And delaying the treatment of clogged drains can worsen the situation leading to some more troublesome consequences.

Most emergency drainage services companies are quite quick to response, yet you can try DIY remedies like using baking soda, hot water or a plunger to unblock the drain before the experts arrive at the site.

Blockages in sink, toilet and bathroom are a common sight in households across the country. However, if you be watchful of what you let down your drains, you can lower the risk of blocked drain to a great extent.

Burst Drainage Pipe

This is another drainage problem that drainage technicians deal with more often. It starts with a leaking pipe, but the ignorance of residents leads it to burst pipe. Here it is worth noting, that repairing a leaking pipe cost much less than fixing a burst pipe. So, it makes sense to keep your eyes out for the tell-tale signs of leakage in your drainage system; you may notice slow running water, wet spots on walls, etc.

If you are one of those unfortunate homeowners who get to witness the pipe bursting incident at home, make sure you close your water valve first and next thing is to call out a drainage emergency service.

A Running Toilet

A running toilet may indicate a number of things. Chances are the float ball may not be working properly or the valve isn’t in perfect working order which has lead to a running toilet. You can turn to a local and trustworthy emergency drain repair company to fix the problem at earliest.


If your drainage pipe has leakage, regardless if it is small or big, it is strictly recommended that you get it fixed before the leakage turns into collapsed pipe or burst pipe. Some of the reasons for leakage can be worn out joints, tree root intrusion or poor drainage installation. A drainage expert can diagnose the cause using latest CCTV equipment and fix the leakage permanently.

Frozen pipe

If your home has drainage pipes which are not in use since long, you are more likely to see frozen pipes. Nonetheless, it can also take place in homes where there is regular use of drainage pipes. Don’t try to unthaw pipes on own; a sudden change in temperature can result in pipe bursting. You can try hot bottle remedy though. It is also advisable to add insulation around your drainage pipes to prevent them getting frozen in minus temperatures.

Having a drainage problem? Call your local emergency drainage services provider right now!