The big announcement you’ve been waiting for: BitCoinage Microstaking

Microstaking: Short term staking

Mar 16, 2019 · 4 min read

*The following is a transcript from our BitCoinage microstaking meeting

Josue (Community Head): We definitely have people’s attention with our countdown posts on our social media channels.

Greg (CEO- Founder): Yes! They are as excited about it as we are.

Josue (Community Head): Let’s not keep them waiting any longer. What’s the big announcement?

Greg (CEO- Founder): Sure, but first I’ve got to explain to our community why this is so beneficial and how it can possibly help them make more money in this bear market.

Most of the community is aware that we concluded our airdrop and distributed our tokens into the hands of those who participated.

Now, we have a portion of the community holding eXBCN tokens and they’re waiting for us to announce the exchanges where they can go and trade.

That’s in the works and we will be announcing a date asap. The really interesting thing though, was as our airdrop ended, I kept thinking about how we could add more value to our customers who really believe in us and have had some pretty nice things to say about us.

One of the things I have always appreciated with some of the tokens I have invested in is the opportunity to stake. Staking is where a company pays you to hold the coin for a period of time so that the coin can either hold its value or increase its value.

The problem with staking as you know is that you sometimes have to hold that coin for as long as a year. You can earn a good return, sometimes 12%, but a year is a very long time to wait in crypto.

Josue (Community Head): Right, I agree. The value could easily increase in a year and you cannot take advantage of the gains because your funds are locked up.

Greg (CEO- Founder): Yes. A lot of companies have airdrops. Many other companies have staking programs. I don’t know of any company who has merged both.

We decided to remove the negative in staking, the waiting forever part, and do something very unique that we’re calling, “microstaking.”

We’re saying “micro,” because we plan on staking for a short period of time, for one month.

The plan is if a customer holds our tokens for 30 days then:

someone with 100 to 499 tokens would receive an additional 50 eXBCN

someone with 500 to 999 tokens would receive an additional 150 eXBCN

finally, someone with 1,000 to 5,000 tokens would double their eXBCN amount in 30 days! (100% increase!)

Josue (Community Head): That gets me excited, wow, double tokens! That becomes exponential as people participate in several of these microstakes.

Greg (CEO- Founder): That’s it! Yes! We plan on having several microstakes in the first year.

In addition to that added value, we are also continuing the referral program. Those who invite a friend to purchase tokens can earn 5%-10% of the token amount (10 referrals= 5%;11+ referrals = 10%) that their referral purchased.

Josue (Community Head): Let’s give an example of what our average customer could possibly see happen.

Greg (CEO- Founder): Yeah! For example, someone with 1,000 tokens (that means you followed our socials and referred friends) would receive an additional 1,000 tokens at the end of the first 30 day microstake period equaling 2,000 tokens in total. Then if they participated in the next microstake they could double that to 4,000 tokens. Then the next microstake could double to 8,000 tokens and the last microstake if they continued participating would be worth a total of 16,000 eXBCN. Can you see how rapidly the value in tokens grow as compounding takes place?

In order for this to work, we must have the community moving together in agreement with us and most importantly supporting one another. If the community participates in our microstaking program then our token will either hold or increase its value. When that happens everyone holding eXBCN will benefit greatly.

Trust must be a two-way street. If we want our community to support the microstaking program, then we have to do our part by creating an arbitrage exchange and a business where everyone can grow their portfolios, even in a down market. A rising tide lifts all boats embodies BitCoinage’s philosophy.

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” -Phil Jackson

Stay tuned for the news of when our arbitrage exchange’s Alpha construction will begin. After that, the exchange launch and trade begins.