Daily hygiene at your fingertips for your dog and cat.

Ideal at home, traveling and leisure; Ferribiella Wipes have been created to meet the needs of perfect daily hygiene of our dog, cat or puppy, without alcohol and neutral pH.

Thanks to their refreshing and emollient action, the wipes deeply deodorize and leaving the mantle shiny, clean the paws, the muscle and the most sensitive parts. From all these peculiarities and continuous research, an innovative product made in Italy created to guarantee an high level of quality, able to remove dust, secretions and impurities with respect to the iso-ocular pH without causing irritation or redness.

We invite you to Ferribiella to choose the range of wipes, which suits you best.

Classic multipurpose, Extra Strong, Sensitive Bio, or fragrant, enriched with Aloe Vera and Camomilla, White Moss and Talc.