What is Kundli? Do things really happen that’s written in Kundli?

Kundli is a manually generated horoscope based on your sun-signs/zodiac-signs. Astrology Kundli showcases the incredible facts about daily horoscope, astrological truths, future prediction, marriage-matching and many other related pieces of information. In Hinduism, Astrology Kundli matching is very essential before getting hitched up with someone, as it is considered extremely auspicious to check Kundli for marriage-matching. On the basis of persons’ birth date/time/place, Kundli-matching is implemented and thus on account of marriage matching, it is decided whether marriage ceremony is commenced in the future or not.

‘In Astrology Kundli’ , with the proper details of birth-time, date and place of a person, astrologers (jyotish) predicts future-events that will or are likely to happen in time to come.

In Horoscope, Astrology Kundli’ is intrinsically a factual and authentic birth-chart based on the research and examination of the astronomical bodies as well as the planets in the universe.

Astrology Kundli is also useful in discovering daily horoscope and predictions of a state of- decision-making, love-Life, attributes of a person, and merits/demerits of a marriage-matching, job-problems, old-age health-remedies, education-related queries and many more through a learned Astrologer (Jyotish).

Yes, things really happen that’s written in Astrology Kundli

It is often said that- whatever happens, happens for a reason and for the Best. However, one should never lose his/her hope because You never know what tomorrow may bring your way.

The events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or an entity in the future are already written in one’s destiny. As a result, one should actually rely on Astrology Kundli and daily horoscope for marriage matching and other important events, outcomes and other eventuality.

Astrology Kundli in many instance, tells you what is written in your fate and doom based on the birth date, time and place. The success or failure of a person or enterprise over a period of time is determined by Astrology Kundli which calculates the degrees of the planets in the zodiac.

It is said that- the more accurate your birth timings, place and date are, more genuine your Astrology Kundli and Daily Horoscope will be. As the precision of Kundli depends on the accuracy of birth time.

Despite all these facts, it is impossible to predict 100% accuracy in Astrology kundli and Daily-Horoscope for Marriage matching and other significant occurrences (ceremonies). Moreover a skilled, experienced astrologers (Jyotish), future-predictors and Pandits (just like in Jyotirvid.in) can eventually calculate authentic, genuine and veritable Astrology kundli and Daily-Horoscope for future-purpose.