NiftyPays is proud to announce the launch of its $NeoNifty token, a secondary token to augment the larger NiftyPays ecosystem. It can be used for varied purposes across the NiftyPays ecosystem as ITE (Interact to Earn) Token.

Users will be rewarded with $NeoNifty for simply engaging with any NiftyPays dapp…

As we promised we are proud to announce the NiftyGo platform.

What is it? Read the blog to find out.

NiftyGo, the premier launchpad for Web3 projects.

NiftyGo will be an IDO platform that allows new web3 projects to raise funds and launch their token. The platform offers an early investment opportunity in high-quality projects in a fair and transparent manner to its users. In addition, $NIFTY holders can earn more rewards than they think in an all-new Interact to Earn token $NeoNifty (announcing soon).

Why NiftyGo?

  • The platform’s native coin ($Nifty) is already in use. To participate in IDOs, $Nifty token holders must stake their tokens. The platform divides…

NiftyPays is glad to announce the successful completion of our NFT sale.

With that said, we are nearing the IDO of $Nifty.

As we approach the IDO, various doubts may arise as NiftyPays has so much to offer. To create transparency we have curated a list of FAQs for reference:

NFTs have made a splash since it has caught the attention of people. Not simplest for artwork, but the utilization of NFTs is developing past social media posts, weblog posts, or maybe freehold. Recently, an Indian tech platform introduced its plans to release NFTs for cricket lovers. But before anyone…

Social Nifty

NiftyPays is an innovative and revolutionary concept, deeply and strategically brainstormed to benefit the exponentially increasing holders of Nifties

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