How Pickji is helping local retailers to grow business?

With more and more businesses turning to online medium these days and with people becoming increasingly internet savvy, it is extremely important for local retailers to make their services customer-friendly. One of the major challenges local retail players face is logistics because of involvement of huge costs and excessive time. Also, some other factors such as huge gap in demand-supply management, lack of adequate resources, lack of transportation facilities can affect the logistics side of any retail business.

We live in a world where everything is available at just the touch of a button and if a business can make itself efficient in catering to the growing demands, it will emerge as the leader in its niche market. Pickji, an on-demand intra- city delivery services providing company has emerged victorious in bridging the gap between supply and demand management by not just making logistics services hassle-free but also cost-efficient.

Some of the leading players in the retail industry have started their own online operations and hence it has become equally important for other businesses to adapt to the changing business trend. A reliable intra-city delivery services providing company like Pickji that offers highly convenient on-demand delivery services can eliminate all the supply-demand risks and ensure a business can successfully reach out to its clients.

The responsibility of serving the huge array of retail players with daily logistic services is in itself a challenging task but we ensure on-time delivery through our efficiently built GPS based navigation system. Moreover, once people have placed their orders through Pickji, they can also track the delivery and communicate with Pickji’s 24/7 customer service team in case they face any difficulty with the parcel.

We believe our continuous effort in improving operations and ensuring quality standard logistic services on day-to-day basis will ensure the retailers to get their shipments delivered anywhere in Kolkata without any delay. In today’s fast paced world, it has become extremely important for businesses to ensure their shipments reach the target customers on timely basis and also they do not end up spending more than the standard delivery rates. Our business model is built with utmost efficiency as our clients can ensure once they associate with us, they will not only save huge on cost-front but also time-front. Retailers have the huge responsibility of catering to the daily demands of the consumers and hence it needs to be assured that they are able to deliver with utmost efficiency and transparency to their target customers.

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