How APIs are Transforming Travel Businesses?

Aug 14, 2019 · 2 min read

API, an acronym for Application Program Interface, is generally a set of tools, protocols for developing a software application. TravQ being a top API Integration service provider is on the top of the chart with the latest trends in API management and its implementation.

An application programming interface generates a channel for the company to deliver its products & services. The various application communicates flawlessly with the help of an API.

An API defines how components of software should interact. A good API eases the way a program should be developed. APIs are essential for communication between programs. Talking about public/open API, social media giants Facebook and Twitter are few companies that have made good use of it. A public API company is such which publishes its software to be freely used by users across the globe.

Why APIs are important for travel business?

APIs are important in the travel business as they are equipped with features which drive customers for their businesses.

It allows the travel business to communicate with the back-end system. We all know by now that API helps in defining a way to communicate with the software. A good API consists of several features which makes it stand out as the best among other APIs.

It provides highly dynamic information returned from the XML pages. Following are some of the features of an ideal API:

Direct payment from customers to travel agencies.

You can add markups for your agents/end — customers.

It provides highly dynamic information returned from the XML pages.

Less maintenance content that will allow focusing on the core task.

Reduces travel agencies per head cost.

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