Top 5 PHP framework trending in 2018

Personal Home Page a.k.a PHP framework was introduced at the first place to use of the language for developing home pages. The PHP development companies can provide an honest rating to the framework best suited in developing applications to automate the real-time systems. In order to hire a PHP developer, one must be aware of the framework on which their project will initiate.

Here are the top five PHP frameworks trending in 2018

  1. Laravel

The latest version of Laravel is 5.7 is active and has different bundles introduced as per the demand of the market. For instance, Lavaral 4.2 has a bundle named cashier that manages the subscription billing. It is famous for handling NoSql structures very smoothly.

2. Code Igniter

Code Igniter is helpful in developing templates for database and much more. It has been famous among PHP development companies for quite a few years due to the simplicity and best use of resources into its creation.

3. Symfony

Symfony is great with compiling the codes for website and web application devices. It defines a model view controller stage in the development process flawlessly and makes error detection simple to give a high-quality programming code.

4. Zend

Zend was initially designed keeping in mind the development of enterprise application. It behaves, in the same manner, making the security and performance of the application as a priority. The PHP developers are hired to explore the framework completely and produce a powerful enterprise application.

5. CakePHP

CakePHP is definitely a beginner’s choice, to begin with PHP development skills. The framework makes rapid development of web applications simple, quick and easy to code. In the era of progressive web application CakePHP is a good way to start the PHP development and innovate.

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