Is AmazonFresh worth it?

Is AmazonFresh worth it? This is my experience…

Food retailers all over the country are looking nervously towards Amazon…winter is coming for them…or is it?

With Amazons purchase of Whole Foods, this is Amazon parking their tanks in the direction of big food retailers…and they better watch out.

But this is at a business level…what do I know about business…not a lot. My interest was as a customer.

Let me explain why.

Although, I am surrounded by food everyday…I’m a chef, I struggle to find time among my hectic schedule to do my weekly shop. A couple of things here, a couple of things there…quite frankly, it is to chaotic to run an efficient home.

Add into the equation, the distance I have to travel to the largest store locally, it doesn’t really make thinks easy.

When you consider the time it takes, and the gas I have to pay for the car, it is not an efficient process. It costs me a lot in terms of time and money every month.

Why I decided to give AmazonFresh a try

I was familiar with Amazon. I use it a lot to buy the little things where it doesn’t make sense to spend time looking for and physically buying. I have to value my time and let us not forget the convenience of buying online.

Why can’t the same principle apply to my weekly shop? After all, when I spent a little of my time looking at my pattern, I found that most the items I bought were bought regularly…almost 85%. The rest of it was impulse buys or a special offer.

When you start to think of your food shopping as a process, it is clear that actually physically shopping is not the best use of your time, especially when you consider the repeat buy nature of it.

Would it not be better to save a list of your regular items and hit the ‘order’ button when required?

What I found when I started using AmazonFresh

I saw some interesting changes in my shopping behavior and spending when I switched to buying my regular items with AmazonFresh.

Firstly, I started to spend less. No more extra spending on things I didn’t really want, no more sales inducements…no more fluff. I bought exactly what I needed. As a result, my weekly spending actually went down. A pleasant surprise, you only realize afterwards how much ‘extra’ you spend on things you don’t really use…nor really want. It’s habit to see a deal and think you need it. You think you are getting a bargain, you’re not since you would not have spent that money in the first instance.

My available time went up. No more driving to the store. No more time sat in traffic. No more standing in queues. No more aimless driving looking for a parking spot near the entrance. No more stress…that’s right, no more stress. It’s amazing how stressful shopping can be…even for the basics.

Everything became so much simpler. Order food…get it delivered within a time slot. No complications. No stress. No time wasted. I like this deal.

What do AmazonFresh sell?

Pretty much everything you find in your regular store…and a lot more. From fresh fruit & vegetables to organic meat.

What was the quality like?

I was impressed. My fruit and vegetables were as fresh as I would expect and the meat was wonderful. In the time I have been using AmazonFresh, only one time was below par. A quick call to customer service saw a replacement arriving early the next day.

If you think for a second that you will be receiving substandard goods, think again. You won’t.

How do I get it delivered?

This is where it is super convenient. I can pace an order in the morning and have it delivered by the evening the same day. Alternatively, I can place my order in the evening and have it first thing in the morning. It’s quite amazing really, I can only wonder what goes on in the background.

How much did it cost to join AmazonFresh?

I am already a Prime customer so that made it even simpler. I didn’t commit to it fully, I signed up using a 30-day free trial. Since I hadn’t shopped groceries online, I wanted to see some real benefits before spending my money.

I am now a full customer and the charge is $14.99 per month. I already have an annual Amazon Prime membership which you need. With this I get free delivery and as many orders as I want on orders over $50. Orders below that amount are charged $9.99 for delivery. Since I do my weekly shop here, I easily qualify for free delivery.

Would I recommend AmazonFresh?

I would absolutely recommend them as long as you qualify for the ‘free’ delivery. If you don’t always hit that $50 threshold, then you have to weigh up what your time and gas is worth.

For me, it made absolute sense. Fresh produce at great prices with absolute convenience. Whether it is the same for you, is for you to decide.

You can find out more about AmazonFresh here as well as whether they deliver in your area.

It isn’t available everywhere so click the link above to check your zip code.

Let me know what you think, do you order your groceries online? What has been your experience?