Hello, NTP community!!
We Introduce newest daily event to our NTP community.

You can be rewarded for being active and chatting from now on!
SOL is awarded to the random 7 active users!

This event is hold everyday until the end of the notice! 🏆⏰🔓🔒

Rewards: $ 4 SOL PER PERSON

Winners: 7 WINNERS

Period: August 22th ~ until the end of the notice

If you join our telegram group and perform at least 20 chats, You will automatically enter this event.


Winners will be announced every day, Distribution is completed every Monday 00:00 UTC.

** Precautions
Simple paper, pornography, and spam may be deleted/exit.

Access the link below and start your activities right now!
Winners can fill out simple information on this form and receive airdrops.