The Secret To Finding Wisdom

Written by Lisa Mckay,

I was fortunate enough to meet some of the amazing people at Wisdo.

Just being in their presence made me feel accepted and supported, a feeling that everyone ultimately wants.

I remember thinking, I’m surrounded by people who are working so hard to make lives easier for others.

A couple of months ago, when I first logged onto Wisdo, I started reading other people’s insights on many different topics. Eventually, I started writing insights of my own. Wisdo soon became therapeutic for me, a staple in my daily schedule. It felt good to know that I could be helping someone who needs it.

I wanted to get the Wisdo team something that they could look at when having a rough day. Something that would help remind them that they are celebrated.

So I did. I sent Boaz a collection of inspirational quotes — It seemed fitting — and some silly toys for his kids.

I sent Sarah and Annmarie necklaces with a message in morse code: “Pantsuit nation.” Super meaningful, yet slightly silly.

I hope these small gifts remind them that they have made a difference, and encourages them to keep being awesome.

I liked the necklace so much that I got one for myself too, and I think of them every time I wear it.

By helping and learning from others, I began to form friendships and mentorships. I feel very fortunate to have these special people in my life and I hope they know how inspiring they have been to me.

Needless to say, Wisdo has a special place in my heart.

We can’t teach others how to be wise, but we can certainly help them get there.

All of us go through uphill battles in life, acquiring scratches and scrapes along the way; it’s the only way we learn how to heal.

We all know that wisdom can’t be learned in a classroom — and according to actor and comedian Jeff Foxworthy, “Wisdom is knowledge plus scars”. We can only gain true wisdom by being confronted with — and dealing with — the rough circumstances that life throws at us.

How to attain the ability to solve complex, real-world problems.

On Wisdo, you gain knowledge from people who’ve been there and can walk with you step by step while you navigate your way through life.

Wisdo is a forum that makes life easier by providing an outlet for sharing insights — both yours and others’.

You think it won’t happen to you

Upon observing other people’s lives, I sometimes think to myself that I will never experience what they are going through, in both positive and negative situations.

For example, as a teenager, I remember thinking that I would never get breast cancer. My grandmother was diagnosed, but I told myself that I don’t look like her — and I also have small boobs, so obviously I was in the clear.

Not even close.

Let’s face it, I’m going to deal with breast cancer eventually. It may be me, or one of my loved ones who gets sick. I’ve encountered women and men (men can get breast cancer too) in all shapes and sizes who have gone through many different variations and stages of breast cancer. I feel as if it’s bound to happen to me or a loved one.

With confidence, I can tell you that I have learned more about breast cancer from Wisdo than from any other source, not only from the medical aspect but also from an emotional perspective.

Learning how to handle difficult, unexpected situations.

We all go through hardships that are similar and relatable to others.

What’s comforting about this, though, is that no matter what we’re faced with — we’re not the first to fight that battle, nor the last, nor the only one at this very minute. We’re not the first to wear these shoes, so let’s gain insight from each other on how to walk in them.

If wisdom were an equation, it would be [knowledge] + [insight] = [wisdom].

As Christopher Reiss said,

“Knowledge is measuring that a desert path is 12.4 miles long.

Wisdom is packing enough water for the hike.

Insight is building a lemonade stand at mile 6.”

The good news is that you can get the knowledge and insight from Wisdo. The bad news: you will have to get the scars on your own.

Taking risks and making mistakes is unavoidable. No matter what you do, you’ll still have to scrape your knees, bruise your elbows, and get dirt under your fingernails. You’ll still lie in bed wondering how in the world you got here with tears running down your cheeks.

However, one thing is for certain: you are not alone.

You are very far from being alone.

In fact, you have an entire support group cheering you on at Wisdo.

Wisdo is an amazing resource and I love what the company has done for me. It’s important that we share our experiences with others. You never know when your influence might change someone’s life.

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Originally published at The Wisdonian.