The Silence is Broken brings a new concept to the world of Online Streaming Services

  1. SIB, since 2010, has been among the many progressive voices focusing on educating its diverse subscriber-base about the importance of sexual health and awareness. SIB has done this by finding and showcasing African-American women — for instance — who are living with HIV/AIDS revealing these often compelling and heart-wrenching stories of discovery, resolve, and triumph.
  2. SIB has partnered with both large and small philanthropic organizations and activists to raise awareness around Human-Trafficking and Climate Change — two issues that will remain a focus even as new subscribers, who are also contributors to this Netflix-like platform, have joined the unique grassroots service and taken the conversation recently into socio-economic activism.
  3. SIB is fundamentally grounded in the belief that communities and the people within them, not politicians nor even Presidents, are chiefly responsible for the course our nation takes especially on philanthropic issues.
  4. SIB believes in art as a transformational and powerful tool for enlightenment, often opening a space for an exchange of thoughts, ideas, commitments and actions, that extend far beyond the platform’s ground-breaking, thought-provoking new, exclusive and user submitted content.
  5. SIB is so committed to effecting issues and communities in a positive way that the organization shares its streaming revenue with the many philanthropic partnerships it has developed over its 6 years in operation as a 501(c)(3). This has given its philanthropic partners & champions an exclusive and extended contribution with which they are able to create more positive changes within the communities they serve.
  6. SIB is quickly becoming a new digital megaphone for millennials, minorities, philanthropists, entrepreneurs and content developers.
    Join & contribute today and let us be your megaphone. “We stream with purpose”.