Fiat to Crypto is now Live on InstaSwap thanks to our Comprehensive Partnership with Moonpay.

Jan 21 · 2 min read

Thanks to our integration partner, MoonPay, InstaSwap’s users in Europe, the UK, South Africa, Canada, South Korea, Brazil, Hong Kong, United States of America and Canada can purchase Crypto with Credit Cards and Apple Pay!

We are more than thrilled to announce that from now on, InstaSwap’s users will be able to grab their favorite coins with the use of EUR, USD or GBP, while the minimum deposit is at 50€, the daily maximum at 2000€ and the monthly maximum at 10000€. A feature that our users were waiting for a long time is now among you with the lowest fees in the market at 5.5%.

About MoonPay

⛓ We’re non-custodial — all we need is your public wallet key and we’ll send your tokens over immediately. We don’t hold your crypto, so we’re not a major hacking target like most exchanges.

🥊 Our fees are low and transparent — we work on behalf of all of our customers to fight for lower fees and don’t bake hidden costs into your crypto purchase price.

🔎 One-time compliance — Once you’ve completed Know Your Customer (requirements differ by region), you can use our web and mobile widgets, or check out anywhere that has integrated our API without having to complete KYC again.

🌍 We span the globe — We’ve been servicing customers in Europe, the UK, South Africa, Canada, South Korea, Brazil, Hong Kong, United States of America and Canada.

What InstaSwap’s CEO said:

“Well, this is something we have been working on for a very long time. Our main goal was to provide an extraordinary solution for users all over the world that visit our platform. While taking the Fiat to Crypto purchase on the next level and establishing the fees at 5.5%, InstaSwap becomes the number one choice for Crypto purchase via Credit/Debit cards. Our journey is far from finished. In the next chapters, our users will be able to experience this amazing feature through our API Partners as well.”

A new post will follow with directions on how to go through Fiat to Crypto exchanges.

About InstaSwap
InstaSwap is a cross-chain non-custodial, next-generation exchange. We aim to change the way people exchange their cryptocurrencies.

For more information about InstaSwap and our mission, visit

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