OpenBrix Property Nightmares Competition and Giveaway!

We’ve all had difficulty dealing with many aspects of the real estate game. Whether it’s crazy neighbours who make your life hell, a shady landlords that’s never around, or unreliable tenants that try to pay in baked goods… We’ve all been there. Tell us about your best real estate horror story including pictures if you want, for a chance to win a month’s worth of rent in BRIX tokens!

You don’t have to be a cryptocurrency or blockchain aficionado to enter the competition but it helps when receiving your rewards, If you need help getting started, join our team on Telegram and we can help set up your first digital wallet.

1) 10 Brix per completed submission.
2) 100 Brix If we use your story.
3) The UK’s average weekly rent in Brix tokens for the week’s best submission.

Competition conditions:

  • Share the competition on Facebook and/or Twitter.
    Successfully complete the submission form.
    Only submissions made in the English language will be considered “successfully completed.”
    Please do not include the name or address of real persons.
  • No more than one submission per week per person.
    Submit a 700 character or more property nightmare story.
  • Submissions that exhibit great writing skills and a good sense of humor will receive preference.
  • We reserve the right to edit any and all submissions we choose to publish on our social media channels
  • Confirm you understand the conditions and give permission for OpenBrix to use your story.
  • KYC required for competition winners.
  • OpenBrix will check for plagiarism, make it original.

By utilising Blockchain Technology, OpenBrix will be able to shine a light on all these horrors faced by our network members.

A transparent network where everyone can talk to each other and help each other out, to ensure we have honest, truthful and reliable members of the network. Be that sellers, buyers, landlord, tenants or estate agents.

We look forward to reading your submissions and announcing the weekly winners.

Competition Submissions HERE

“OpenBrix is an open transparent property network. Our token holders and our network members will know that everything we do, will be done in an open and transparent way.” Shahad Choudhury.

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