How To Wear An Style The Oversized Blazer Jackets With Confidence

written by: Lucy Oben-Pepra

Knowing how to wear and style the oversized blazer jacket isn’t as easy as it may seem. Wearing it with confidence, and a strong sense of self is also really important too.

We’ve put together a compilation of fashion tips and tricks to conquer this fashion trend effortlessly and with confidence.


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Nothing looks better than wearing your blazer with some casual and comfy blue denim boyfriend style jeans. The combination of casual and sophisticated makes for a beautiful look that you can wear with confidence.

WEAR A LONGER OVERSIZED BLAZER AS A DRESS: show a little leg and look a little flirty

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Choosing to wear this trend as a dress rather than the traditional jacket way is a brave and bold fashion move. This style of blazer emphasis your legs and lower half of your body — complete the look with some gorgeous heels and bags full of positivity.

always a stylish way to wear an unexpected look with a blazer

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Wearing a printed oversized blazer with matching trousers makes for a pretty cool look. It’s a cute modern day style women’s suit and a look you should wear loud and proud.


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Believe it or not — there’s a big different between oversized, and big blazers — make sure you always go for the oversized look. Oversized jackets still look like they fit you whereas big jackets look obviously disproportionate for your body size and shape. Knowing that you’re wearing the right size blazer is confidence in itself.

STAND OUT: let your blazer jacket stand out in a bright, vibrant colour

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Wearing a colorful and playful blazer jacket shows off your sense of creativity and individuality. Wear a colour that either matches and compliments your under outfit, or a colour that clashes for a more striking look. Red and purple are a great example of bold colours combined.

CASUAL CHIC: Dress your blazer jacket in an easy, but cool chic street style.

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Wearing just a simple and classic navy blue oversized jacket with denim jeans and a traditional V-neck white shirt can make for a casual classic style.

PASTEL SHADES: Go for the pastel shades to fit in with Spring colours and trends.

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Spring is upon us and that means getting to explore and have fun with beautiful pastel shades and hues. A pastel coloured blazer jacket is oh-so trendy mixing the combination of two trends into one look. Contrast your blazer jacket with a darker coloured top to enhance the beautiful shape and silhouette of your structured blazer jacket.

PERSONIFIED STYLE: Blazer Jacket + Flyaway skirt

A fashion combination that may sound strange — but looks absolutely fantastic on. The contrast of a floral wavy skirt with a structured formal classic blazer jacket makes for a high fashion, editorial look. Wear yours with bags of confidence, knowing you’ve conquered the look.



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