The Child, and The School: Understanding the key differentiators that make the Child

Today, the role of the School as gone past academic-related activities, the School is fundamentally responsible for the total upbringing of the Child.

While the environment plays a consequential role in clearly defining the child, the role of School cannot be over-emphasized.

Aside from stating the obvious, (helping the Child maximize his academic potentials), the onus is on the school to help the child broaden his horizons, improve sociability as well as build personality.

It is expedient that the School helps the child in overcoming these basic challenges, this is because trivial as they may appear, they could make or mar the totality of the Child.

Day-to-Day interactions in School help form and define the Child’s inter-personal skills, it is therefore expedient that the School provides a conducive environment that could help facilitate and fast-track the development of appropriate interpersonal skills, making strides in helping the Child feel convenient, comfortable and bold to express intentions and thoughts.

The School is also responsible for building Child capacity, by fostering dynamism and initiative development in the Child. By this, the Child is able to build up his own personality, and clearly identify his areas of strength as well as how to manage his weaknesses.

The School is also liable for broadening the Child’s horizons, helping them understand what works in the real world, exposing them to opportunities as well as helping them garner experience and positive exposure. This could be in form of helping them understand new digital trends with Technology via STEM or inherently exposing them to national and international cultures.

Gone are the days where a School purely relies on academic excellence as a backbone of success and straight A’s as a culture, while those are still very much important, a School is now responsible for the totality of the Child much more than ever.

These key differentiators define your School and how the Child is modeled. It’s time for a phase change as the totality of the Child is the only sustainable metric for your School’s success.

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