Energy Monitoring with LogFuze’s HoraData

In this day and age, we humans take quite a number of things for granted. One such thing is electricity. We assume it will be at our disposal 24x7 when it is not really the case. LogFuze found an opportunity to solve this problem through one of its custom requirements where to monitor whether the power input to a textile factory is from the Electricity board or a Diesel Generator which is used a back up in the absence of power supply from the electricity board.


On any given day and time, the power supply to the textile factory is provided by the electricity station. At times of power cut, the diesel generator is turned on for power input and once the power is reinstated from the electricity board as a source, the generator will be turned off. Now here, between the return of power from the station to turning off the generator, there is a brief amount of time where the generator is running and there is an occurence of wastage of power and diesel due to it. The client’s requirement is to monitor the power source; be it from the station or the engine and to install a buzzer & text messages to alert the personnels at times of power cut to turn on the engine and turn off the engine when the power is back.


Here, IoT gateways are connected with both the electricity board line and the diesel generator line to constantly monitor the data from it; to discern the power supply either from the station or the generator. These data are extracted with the help of SIM cards instilled in the gateways. These data are stored in the Horadata cloud. Based upon the data readings the

IoT gateway sends alerts via buzzers and SMS so that the wastage is curbed.

With HoraData, one can get live and historical data, power consumption and status of the meters. In addition to that, the voltage, current, power, energy & demand are known. Graphs and reports based on demand and energy consumption are provided on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Customized dashboards are given to stakeholders based on the needs and privileges.


Business Optimization: Optimized the client’s business to higher levels with the leverage from the visibility of your power consumption and better management of it.

Data visibility: With Horadata constantly monitoring both the generator and station lines a better visibility of their operations were achieved.

Wastage Prevention: Wastage of both power and diesel were curbed and thus higher profit were met.

Analytics: With the help of data monitored, analytics were provided with the help of alerts and notifications to prevent the problems of the future..