Blockchain can be seen as a disruptive technology but, today, time has come to prove the benefits of this technology and show it can profit in areas of everyone’s life.

Energy efficient building certifications has always been problematic because based on complex national legislations that varies from country to country, especially in Europe. Property owners are often obliged to pay these certifications whenever they sell or buy assets and these certifications are expensive, unreliable and have a limited time validity.

Among the many innovative features of a blockchain, the write-once, preserve-forever database becomes useful whenever there is a significant business…

Bluenote — the Energy Efficiency Protocol — announces the addition of Dr. Alberto Pace as technical advisor. He will add his expertise in data management and technical infrastructure as the Bluenote project nears its public launch through an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) in December.

As head of the storage group of CERN — the European Organisation for Nuclear Research and the birthplace of the World Wide Web (WWW) in 1989 — Dr. Pace has extensive experience designing and managing processes for the handling of experimental data. He represents CERN in the ISOC and W3C consortium.

Among a broad spectrum of…

In light of the recent Strava and Polar incidents where life-threatening information of soldiers and spies was exposed, a look into the inherent dangers of sharing raw data and how blockchain can both negate that risk and unlock opportunities.

Raw data collected for a particular purpose can very easily be repurposed to expose confidential or private information. Any time raw data is shared, such breaches are bound to occur.

Only when data remains local and every query is exposed to the owner can confidentiality and privacy be protected. …

Even governments are waking up to the fact that the quality and security of energy data can improve dramatically through blockchain.

More and more industries are discovering the advantages of the secure, immutable and trustless properties of the distributed ledger that is blockchain. And so are governments. On April 5th, the Chilean government announced that it will use ethereum’s blockchain as a way to record energy sector statistics.

The same week the China State Grid Corporation, the country’s state-owned electricity utility monopoly, announced it is looking to blockchain technology to advance its plans for an “Internet of Energy.”

The energy…

The recent Facebook and the Cambridge Analytica leak is teaching us that giving away data is a high price to pay for the services provided. What if we could get the same valuable services we rely on from social media or other community platforms, but without giving the data away?

Freedom from giant data harvesting factories will take genuine data decentralization

The Cambridge Analytica incident is one of the clearest demonstration to date that technology meant to work on an individual level is routinely repurposed and exploited after it becomes available in a central repository. Data collected under the guise of a psychological test became one of the sources for a…

by Jeremy Adelman, Co-founder of Bluenote

I recently came to the conclusion that we can only rise to meet this challenge in time with blockchain.


To begin with, traditional strategies are moving way too slowly and doing way too little. This is despite the focused efforts of every nation on earth (including some U.S. cities and states). Record temperatures and extreme weather continue to increase around the globe.

The commitments of the Paris Climate Accords aim to limit the increase in global temperature to 2 degrees Celsius — but unfortunately, even achieving this target temperature still means massive disruption to existing ecosystems. Climate models predict that many parts of New York City will be under water in 20 years.

Today we get underway with arguably one of the most prominent and respected events in the crypto space — Token Summit, this time from Silicon Valley.

Bluenote is on hand to present our vision of a game-changing solution for combating climate change with blockchain — and we’ll be updating this post with content, pictures and quotes from throughout the day!

Don’t miss out!

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Imagine a totally blue world…

Why Blue?

What does Blue stand for?

Why do we believe in Blue — and why should you?

Chairman Michiel Frackers shares his vision. Two years ago he founded the Blue Foundation.

And now he is taking the first step to build a better world with Bluenote. Bluenote will launch the world’s first open-data protocol to turn buildings “Blue.” It will benchmark and verify energy, emissions and financial performance in real-time.

Michiel Frackers — breaking the deadlock

My involvement in the Bluenote project stems from my time as an investor, during which I encountered more and more Internet-of-Things companies. Often they were technically appealing or commercially…

Blockchain is an integral part of the solution we are building with Bluenote.

What used to be thought of as a piece of technology that is tied to bitcoin, has now caught on across multiple industries including insurance, real estate and more.

And then there is climate change. Yes, climate change.

It’s not the first sector that springs to mind — but let us take a few minutes to explain very clearly why we believe that blockchain is a game-changer for climate change and the Bluenote system that we are building.

Blockchain’s basic character

Several aspects of blockchain make it stand out as…

San Francisco is the site of the 2nd Token Summit.

There are few autorities more qualified to speak on the subject of token-based economies than William Mougayar — author of “The Business Blockchain” and General Partner at Virtual Capital Ventures.

And there are few (if any) places better to gain insights into this new world than Mougayar’s Token Summit — which comes to San Francisco for its 2nd edition beginning Monday, 4 December.

Unlike other events organised around the topic of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, Token Summit offers perspectives not only on current trends in the space, but also on the revolutionary possibilities of completely new systems of economy built around tokens and their uses.

Speakers at the Summit will include Fred Ersham, (Co-founder — Coinbase), Nick Cowan (Founder — Gibralter Stock Exchange), Hamid Denhiya (Co-founder — Dether), Jae Kwon (Founder…


The Leading Blockchain Solution to Build a Zero Emission World. Bluenote will launch the world’s first open data protocol to turn commercial buildings “Blue.”

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