Here are the 5 facts on why you need to fit a shower filter in your bathroom!

Showers are a common and must addition in any bathroom. Moreover, most of us love to spend some time under the shower at the end of a hectic day. Taking shower helps release stress and soothes mind and body. However, most people do not know that they can suffer various ill effects through a bad shower! Advanced bathroom showers are of course marked by high finesse and glam attributes but most lack the functionality that is required to ensure pure water supplies through it. Experts offering housekeeping services in Bangalore opine that unless the bathroom shower is fitted with special filter, the water coming through it may generate much harm. Professionals offering home cleaning and housekeeping services put forth the following reasons for fitting a shower filter. Have a look!

1) The toxins that come dissolved in water.

In the urban regions around the world, toxins have found way in underground water and other sources. These reach to your home through civic supplies and can cause various problems like skin irritation, allergies and hair fall & premature graying.

2) The chlorine gas that is deliberately added.

Chlorine is generally added in civic water supplies to clear the germs and bacteria. However, excess of this gas remains dissolved and causes mild to moderate bleaching effects.

3) Too much of water hardness.

Water hardness is a much common problem! Salts in water deposit on ceramic tiles and eat up the clean feel of the bathroom that looks untidy always, say deep clean service providers!

4) Pollution in the bathroom indoors.

Hot showers release through evaporation, harmful chemicals that remain present in water supply. You inhale these and generate harm to your health.

5) Bacteria and germs may find way in the water supply!

Special shower filters remove the bacteria and germs from water supply and deliver clean and healthy water.

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