Here are the 8 foods that you should not keep in your fridge!

Home cleaning services are pretty tiring for the homemakers! There are diversity of places ranging from kitchen to cupboards and refrigerators to microwave oven that require thorough and deep clean maneuvers. Despite devoting much time to different dimensions of cleaning, the perfection eludes. Professional cleaning services providers adopt standard practices for effective cleaning & they also offer vital tips that help the homemakers to maintain their place as clean and healthy. They counsel to avoid keeping these 8 foods in refrigerator. Have a look!

1) Bread

Bread becomes chewy and stale easily when placed in fridge. When kept outside in a dry and cool place, it remains fresh and soft. In fridge, its moisture is lost very fast.

2) Garlic

Garlic when placed in fridge may sprout easily due to the presence of moisture there. Sprouted garlic loose flesh very fast and the flavor and aroma get reduced.

3) Onions

Onions need to breathe and hence require an open dry space to live longer. Placing them in refrigerator kills the bulbs in a short time.

4) Potatoes

House cleaning Bangalore experts say that potatoes also breathe through the air and thus have a longer shelf life. When placed inside fridge, these may die early and get stale. The cooking characteristics and taste also change because of the loss of starch.

5) Bananas

Bananas start to rot when placed in fridge. This happens because this fruit has least defense against extreme cold temperatures.

6) Honey

Honey is a well preserved natural product and does not require any special storage like in fridge where it crystallizes. The crystals once formed may be difficult to liquefy and develop original consistency.

7) Olive oil

Olive oil gets thicker and loses its natural viscosity if placed in fridge for a long time.

8) Basil

Basil’s aroma may be diluted and lost if placed in fridge. Other products in fridge are responsible for this, as basil absorbs their aroma.

By considering these counsels, you can definitely become a better and wise homemaker! For more specialized help in home keeping call Unplan at 9108284705 or just visit