Life of Kylie episode 1- Kylie’s life -the episode starts with the theme music playing*

Kylie intv​ -*smiles* hi my name is Kylie I am 19 years old I am a model & rapper I am a Jenner I grew up in front of the cameras so this is nothing new I am from STUFF CITY stuff city is a town in new Orleans

*shows city overview*

*Kylie walks up to food place*

  • Kylie intv -Today I am meeting up with my friend Jay he is a new singer & a great friend mines

*shows Jay pulling up in limo*

*Kylie sits down & waits for him

Jay intv- *smiles* my name is Jay Sean I am a singer from Chicago. I have 2 beautiful kids with singer tinshea I am meeting with my friend Kylie

Kylie- hugs Jay* hey boo

Jay- *hugs him back* how you been

Kylie- I been good working on my ablum coming out soon so how about you

Jay- hi been good I asked you to come here to help me get bri back

Jay intv- so after me & tinshea broke up I starting dating bri I love bri but I messed up a couple of times so I asked her to help me

Kylie- what you need to do is take her somewhere special

Jay- but where should I take her tho

Kylie- take her to Mexico or to Miami or vergin islands

Jay- ok I’ll try it thinks for the help

Kylie- no problem *hugs him & walks out*

Later that day at Justin & Kylie house*

Justin- *walks in the living room & sits down* what you doing Killer K

Kylie- nothing what you doing

Justin- nothing just chilling with you

Justin intv- *claps* hi I am Justin I am Kylie’s boyfriend we been together for 3 months now I also do music the only problem me & Kylie have is that my mom don’t like her & she don’t like my mom

Kylie- how your mom doing

Justin- she doing good I think y’all should talk

Kylie- no Everytime we try to talk some drama happens like no

Justin- you should​ just try for me if you love me you should try it

Kylie intv- me & Justin mom just don’t like each other like we never got along because she always running her mouth everything I do is a problem to Justin mom I wish we could be cool but we can’t because of her

Kylie- you know what I am done talking about this *walks off upstairs*

Justin- woww

The next day

Kylie intv- so today I am meeting with my friend Ashley Miller she was always my ride or die so I need to talk to her about some stuff I heard in the blogs about her dating my ex Tyga

*Ashley walks in* heyy girl *hugs her*

*Kylie hugs her back* I been good

Ashley intv- hi my name is Ashley Miller I am a upcoming artist you may know me from BGC North meets south but I am over that now I am now dating rapper Tyga if Kylie is mad I don’t know why you got Justin so why she mad

Kylie- so let’s​ just get to it

Ashley- ok so what’s up

Kylie — so are you & Tyga fucking or together

Ashley- we are dating

Kylie intv- I can’t believe my friend would date me ex are you serious Ashley like really I am happy with Justin but why would my friend date my ex

Ashley — why you care so much you got Justin

Kylie- because you my friend why are you dating my ex

Ashley- because I can you stole Justin from me

Kylie- bitch the lies you tell *gets up & walks out*

Ashley intv- I don’t know why she mad she took Justin from me so I don’t know why she mad

The next day

Kylie intv- so today I am meeting my mom to talk about my whole beef with. Justin mom

Kylie- walks in* hey mom

Mom- hey Kylie how you been so what you want to talk about

Kylie- I wanna talk about Justin mom

Mom- I hate his mom so what happened now

Kylie- Justin want me to talk to her but I don’t so he got mad at me now every time I come home we don’t talk

Mom- wow that’s crazy

Mom intv- I love my daughter to death Justin mom really gets on my nevers I really don’t like her I need to have a sit down with her

Mom- I need to sit down with her

Kylie- we both do

Kylie intv- Justin mom never liked but it all stops now so let the games begin

*shows the trailer for the season*

*the episode ends*

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