Learning & Innovation formulates a huge part for organisational & individual success and meetup’s are one of the best avenues to explore that. Announcing the launch of world’s first meetup group on “OmniChannel Retail”, a topic which is taking every retailer and e-tailer by storm around the world. This is a great way for us to learn as a community with like minded people sharing common interest.

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The intent of this group is pure learning & networking on topics like Latest Technology, Customer Personalization, Lean Startup, Retail Strategy, Analytics, E-Commerce, Supply Chain Management and much more. …

We were at 6th Middle East Retail Forum in Dubai in November.

At this forum Arvind Internet Co-founder & CEO Mukul Bafana spoke about our journey in Omnichannel enablement. He spoke about the learning around omnichannel from a practitioners point of view.

Do checkout this exciting talk below

Few Pics from the event

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Festivals are the means to get together, share happiness and wish others for their long lives and prosperity. Glimpses of such a festival that was celebrated recently at Arvind internet. CHRISTMAS!!!

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Festivals :)

It’s not a formal celebration as you may think. The AIL’iens at Arvind Internet add a lot of creativity and masala to the celebrations. Secret Santa is celebrated in full swing. The creative Santas made their children dance to sad songs, boys to act like girls, Walk on the Fashion Ramp, boys to propose a boy and the list grows. The pictures speak loudly about the hand decorated office, AIL’ens celebrating the festival and carrying forward the cultural richness our country.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and A very Happy New Year.

AIL’iens at SMAASH!!!

As the year comes to an end with a lot of excitement and moments to cherish, we at Arvind Internet say adieu to 2017 with a bang at Smaash !!!

It was an Arvind Internet org level team outing. Every milestone achieved calls for such a grand party. From CEO & COO to every employee of every department steps up on the floor to celebrate the achievements. While pictures are the proof to “Work Hard, Party Harder”, Dancing feet are the proof to “Fun for us, OMG for others”.

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Exciting times ahead. What’s up 2018!

The culture at Arvind Internet is an experience. Others think and talk about it but we live it every day. You can also be one of the party persons in the pics. Just walkin to our open cultured office, share your knowledge, impress us and there you go. One more AIL’ien into the group.

Samik Raychaudhuri, director of Data Sciences Group at [24]7.ai, gave a talk on big data and personalization using machine learning at Arvind Internet office.

The session covered various aspects of personalization right from basics of personalization, evolution of it, types of personalization and where all it is used in industry. How companies in various business domains are using user based personalization to improve end user experience. How to implement personalization in-general, typical algorithms, tech stack and measure accuracy of the results.

Then he went on to cover how his team at [24].7 is using big data and deep learning to…

With CRM spends set to outdo ERP allocations, Mukul Bafana is leading Arvind Internet, the online arm of Arvind Group, and enhancing the brand’s omni-channel experience.

Mukul Bafana isn’t your regular CEO. The chief executive officer of Arvind Internet wears smart polo-necks, sits in an open office that is almost like a co-working space, and takes notes incessantly about things that are changing retail.

Every morning he sits with the heads of technology, branding and marketing to understand if their software-as-a-service product is impacting a brand’s omni-channel experience. …

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