The Hardest Moments

United States Marine Corps War Memorial, Arlington Ridge

Paraolympian Kurt Fearnley is the source of my favourite quote that I have included in the upcoming book “Live Your Purpose: On coming back from loss”:

“Some of the most memorable moments are the hardest moments…those days where you wake up and you can barely drag yourself our of bed…they’re the tough days and they’re the ones that I’m proud of.”

This short statement cuts to quick of what I’m seeking to address through this book, Live Your Purpose.

I would love to hear your stories about your hardest moments and tough days that you are proud of, and if you would allow me, to maybe include some of these into the book as well.

A short post is a good post, so let me get straight to the point:

My sense is that my writing needs some tailoring and editing, and to do this I will need the help from others.

I’m looking to form an online team of advisers who can held sharpen the contents of this book for those who will most benefit from reading it. I’m also interested to hear how working with others I can best distribute this book to those people who will most benefit from reading it. Additionally, I’m wanting feedback and advice for the execution of the upcoming crowdfunding campaign so as to connect with the right people and achieve the optimal result.

I’m Australian, and so the Australian context is obviously close to my heart. I’m writing this book to raise funds for the American veteran support charity The Mission Continues as part of my entry in the Marine Corps Marathon this year in Washington D.C., and so there is also a direct connection with the American context. Wars fought across the last 16 years particularly have impacted on people from many countries. There is a global context to address.

Would you like to help? I require assistance, and I would love to see you in my corner. Let’s do this!