People ask me why i don’t take things seriously. Did i really? May be sometimes. I do take things seriously. I don’t like talking about myself or what i did. That’s why people misunderstood me. I avoid them. Like they doesn’t exist. But they may not know me but i know that there is a devil inside me.

I know this devil very well. It has a huge ego problem. When it is hurt it wanna hurt back. There it goes crazy. Its brutal behavior sometimes scar me. I am so afraid of it.

When my devil wakes up i turned into sometimes else. Like that incident took place when i was in college. A girl once called me a asshole. That’s hurt my ego so i took a cricket bat hand hit her in the face and bit the hell out of her. I felt very good then even now. But i fell guilty for this…

I don’t known whether i am proud of it or guilty for it. I guess i am confused. Sometimes i think what kind of a person i am..i can’t find the answer.