Sidney’s Daily Protest at the High Court of Glasgow


On the way to Glasgow Green each day the same single protester stands outside the High Court. I have always noticed him but never spoken with him. Today that changed.

We spoke and he told me about what he thinks was a miscarriage of justice. It struck me how visible he was to passers by but juts how invisible he seemed to other people at the court. The Silks didn’t notice he was there. As if he has now become part of the furniture for them.

On his website he states that he was born in a suburb of Glasgow called Clydebank in 1939. The area suffered greatly as a result of was because of the concentration of ship building and other manufacturing facilities there which were a target. Like many such industrialized areas it has lost some of its luster with the passage in to the knowledge and information economic epochs.

Sidney’s story is a slightly confusing one with breadcrumbs of conspiratorial thinking and embers or anger which still glow with white heat. The story involved secret societies, Freemasons, miscarriages of justice, murder and a lot more.

Read about his Trial and my subsequent petition against members of secret societies, such as Freemasons, in the Judiciary and other Public Offices.

I asked if I could take his photo and he was delighted for me to do so.

Outside Glasgow High Court

Flyer/ Information leaflet

Leaflet handed to me by protester

At the time this leaflet was printed and when his daily protest began he was a septuagenarian…he may even now be an octogenarian.


This is a poem about his story which Sidney stands to passers by. He also wears a large sandwich ‘A board’ to raise awareness.

Want to know more:

Download his free eBook — The War Baby

Read about the issue on Sidney’s website

High Court in Glasgow

High Court of Glasgow in Sprint — This photo is from my Flickr you can clock on it or here to see the original




We are all innately social beings. We live in an increasingly populated and mobile environment.

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Fiach O'Broin-Molloy

Fiach O'Broin-Molloy

We are all innately social beings. We live in an increasingly populated and mobile environment.

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