I Told Myself I’m Not Going to Browse Facebook Anymore — and the Reason Why

I am not new to social media. For starters, I am a millennial. Although I have spent the past three years of my career in the IT industry doing software development for private banks, almost everyone in the whole world has witnessed how social media has boomed in the past years and I am not an exception. Heck even little kids who should be playing with their Lego and puzzles now have social media accounts. Talk about 10-year-old Youtubers!

If you are an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to play the game, you probably already know that one of the main factors to successfully running your business is to have a powerful social media presence, otherwise, you’ll get left behind. Just like how Nokia refused to welcome the arrival of Android, who would’ve thought that the leading cellphone company would drop from top to rock bottom? All the while players who welcomed the innovation got ahead in the game.

I was just an active social media user who didn’t care about the advantages social media brings to businesses. I always thought that I’m the kind of person who looks at the bigger picture, but I guess I was too busy to look at this game-changer that is constantly enhancing how businesses reach to their customers into a whole new, mind-blowing level.

I’m an active Facebook user. I also have an online shop and I’ve run Facebook ads from time to time, you know, the basics. And I was amazed how easy it was to boost a post and to target your audience. Everyone could do it! Or so I thought. It wasn’t until I noticed that ads are exponentially increasing in my news feed that I got so annoyed at how Facebook has become an online tabloid, filled with ads everywhere, even more so annoying that Facebook is displaying ads that I’m not interested in! I came to a point where I have decided to take a break from Facebook, even for just a week, because of all the unnecessary information that it gives me. It was not an easy decision for me, given that I’ve made browsing Facebook a habit. But I was just so fed up.

I decided it’s time to stop.

Are you an active Facebook user like me? For how long do you think you can seriously browse your phone without logging into Facebook? If you have tried a real Facebook break, tell me in the comments below and let me know, I’d be glad to know that I am not alone.

Spoiler alert! STOP reading if you are not yet ready to hear about this. Do you know what happened next? I didn’t stop. But that’s for another story. If you are enticed by my story, please follow me for my next update. For the mean time, I’m off to bed.