5 Ways to Standout on Social Media!

True, social media is crowded. Hence, many individuals jump to a hasty conclusion that this fact makes it harder to standout or that you have to shell out a thousand bucks. We all have this natural tendency to pay for attention, because we have been programmed that way thanks to traditional advertising.

Let’s think this through, the more noise there is on social media, the easier standing out becomes — and the cheaper it gets to do so. That sounds crazy right? Well maybe not. The more noise there is, the more we accept mediocrity as normal, hence, setting a higher standard than everyone else gives the opportunity to cut through the clutter.

This slight mindset change, added to a bit of creativity can help you earn the trust and awareness on social media and everyone else can only dream of. And it’s all for free. Highlighted below are 5 ways you can standout on social media without breaking a sweat.

1. Spring Surprises

Be bold! Leading brands who are recognized as top social content producers often earn that title by taking risks that concurrently resonate with their fundamental values. The point is that springing surprises can help drive excitement to your brand that will increase exposure, get users talking and generate real ROI. Spend enough time to calculate the risk vs. reward of a situation and develop a thorough understanding of audience behavior so you can surprise fans with confident and strategic decisions.

2. Make it fun and human

The top brands standout on social media by creating strong connections with their fans through human qualities and relevant messages. Nowadays, there is a slight shift in how companies connect with their fans. It is no longer all about strong calls to action, clear benefits and quality service; instead, customers are on the lookout for deeper connections and content that provides value through education and entertainment. To be competitive, your brand must focus on developing a personality that reflects its fundamental values and delivers content in a relevant and engaging tone. The idea is to make social media fun for you and for your audience.

3. Let customers define your brand

Giving room for customers to define your brand is another way to standout on social media. You can

· Pinpoint why customers use your brand today and analyze related brands in your industry.

· Ask your fans to share testimonials about your product/service to get a real-world understanding of your value.

· Leverage user-generated content to build solid connections and develop brand advocacy.

· Encourage customers to share their ideas, and don’t be scared to be direct when asking for their expectations.

One vital key for developing an engaging brand — that is built for your audience by your audience — is communication.

4. Leverage all content mediums

Content involves more than just articles and blog posts, it is an encircling mix of website copy, blogs, white papers, webinars, pictures, infographics, videos, advertisements, and almost all other materials you create to engage your audience.

To be seen as a brand to watch as well as standout on social media, you must take advantage of a variety of content mediums that generate high engagement across diverse channels. Test your delivery, calls to action, and value propositions across various content mediums and channels to point out engaging trends. Leverage the collected data to shape your content strategy and bring character to your social presence.

5. Create a valuable experience

Drive social elements to all your digital content through your website, blog, and sales. You can engage the audience more by keeping your social presence in mind. Do this by inserting social elements into your content, including social links to your site, and encouraging fans to engage on various platforms. Each social space should have a unique personality but keep a consistent theme and brand messages that promote your overall user experience.

Conclusively, the social landscape is full of different competitors seeking a piece of action. To earn your place as a brand that demands authority and generates excellent engagement, align your voice and fundamental values to resonate with what drove your customers to you initially. Then create an ultimate experience for your customers. This mindset and a bit of creativity will help you standout on social media.

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