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There are several brands throughout China that are domestic brands, while others may be from other countries. The success of these brands can show other companies what they should be doing to succeed in the Chinese market. While, failure can show mistakes that brands make when trying to market themselves in the Chinese market.

Within China, social media has become a dominant force. Whether this is the use of Wechat, QZone, Weibo, QQ, RenRen or through blogging, social media has had an impact on not only the commerce sector of China, but on the attitudes and behaviors of consumers. Understanding the social media effects and the behaviors of those who use social media is vital to understanding the economy and business world within China.

Online shopping has started to dominate the market and was one of the leading ways in which Chinese consumers were getting products they were interested in. The wave of new technology and mobile networking has allowed for online shopping to become the dominate methods for researching new and interested products, and leading to businesses making more sales.

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