Say Yes

Say yes
To what’s Real
To right Now,
not to narrative 
nor perceived pattern

To the Feeling, 
 not to the belief,
To Whatever is Here
To the Emotion
 not to the thought,

To temporal Possibility, to temporal Pain
To Equanimity and Choice, 
to release from the 
 Clutch of Resistance;
And yet to palpable Suffering, to Dukkha, 
 to the ‘Ouch!’

To wide Open
To what controls you, 
 before it controls you
To Vulnerability, 
 to the Beautifully Imperfect
To Fear
To an Empowered State
To the Unfamiliar
To the Lived Experience
To your Full Self
To your Unfolding Body

To Ownership,
 not blame
 nor judgement — 
 but to Love from being judged — 
To your Role,
 not to abuse
To the Anger Ogre, the Heat, 
 not to the voice saying, ‘He’s a bad person’

To Wisdom,
and Wise Reaction, to the Freedom between stimulus and Response
To Exquisite Risk; 
To All of This, say yes.
And, with time, you shall
 find the Yes in your No.