Has the “Insane Clown President” already transformed the GOP?

A Republican Referendum on Trump

Georgia elections are notoriously slow, so perhaps this evening or perhaps tomorrow the winner of Georgia’s 6th District will be announced. The race is largely seen as a Republican Referendum on whether Trump, branded the “Insane Clown President,” has transformed the Republican Party. Will July 4th Celebrations in Washington include a televised segment featuring Republican Congressional leaders pledging fealty to Trump as the supreme leader? Will Ryan and McCain praise Trump’s agenda in the same vein as his cabinet? Nixon embraced the Dixiecrat Right; Reagan embraced the Religious Right; Trump embraced the Alt-Right. One can debate whether they were wrong or right, but there is no doubt that the party of Lincoln is no longer the party of deep thinkin’. The race, in former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich’s district, is largely seen as a referendum on how close Republicans wish to be tied to Trump?

Georgia provides no peace of mind for either of America’s two right wing political parties.

“Georgia, Georgia, no peace, no peace I find, just this old, sweet song, keeps Georgia on my mind” sang Ray Charles. Most certainly the Georgia 6th district race has not provided any peace of mind to either of America’s two right wing political partisans.

Born and raised in Georgia, Jon Ossoff appears to be the perfect candidate for the educated Atlantean. While the bulk of Georgia is largely depicted in corporate mainstream media as a backwater of anti-science and anti civil rights buffoons. Atlanta belies these widely held beliefs, as the home of Georgia Tech (GT) and a host of other fantastic universities. GT is right up there with MIT. The average education of Atlanteans stands head and shoulders above the rest of Georgia. Ossoff shares a vision with many Atlanteans that their city should be another Tech Corridor of the South. Ossoff supports Georgia women to have the right to contraception and appears to largely align himself with mainstream neoliberal Democratic leadership.

Handel came under attack for associations with the Log Cabin Republicans

Born and raised in Maryland, Karen Handel began her political career in the orbit of Dan Quayle. Handel served former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue as deputy Chief of Staff, then was elected Georgia’s Secretary of State in 2006, where she attracted national attention when accused of engaging in a “systematic purging procedure” expressly barred by federal law. Endorsed by Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin, Handel came under attack from Abrahamic fundamentalists for associations with the Log Cabin Republicans, a gay rights group. While at Komen for the Cure Handel engineered an attack on women’s health care provider Planned Parenthood resulting in a major loss of support for Komen for the Cure which later reversed Handel’s decision. On September 11, 2012, perhaps in symbolic solidarity with other Abrahamics, Handel published a book titled Planned Bullyhood, which has been variously described as a biopic detailing her methods of twisting arms and pushing forward her agenda until she is confronted by those bullied; or an apologetic in which she attempts to rationalize her attack on the largest provider of women’s health care services in the United States. Handel is a strong supporter of Trump who held a fundraiser for her in April 2017. Opposed to Affordable Health Care, Handel supports Trumping Health in favor of tax breaks for the 1%, who are “going through hard times since the economic recovery from the Gramm-Bush-Clinton crisis.”

“Anti-Trump enthusiasm is not sweeping America. It is where it is, and it’s where it’s always been…”

As the race concludes, conservative heavy weight Rush Limbaugh counsels readers not to leap to judgment as he weighs in against native Georgian Ossoff: “Anti-Trump enthusiasm is not sweeping America. It is where it is, and it’s where it’s always been…” thus reinforcing the narrative that this race is indeed a referendum on Trump.

Abrahamic faith based voters overwhelmingly support Trump and since they comprise a hefty 36% of the American electorate, Rush’s analysis is most likely spot on. Thus the referendum is more about those rare Republicans who believe in scientifically proven facts, support human rights and constitutional government.

Are alien bugs infecting the brains of a growing number of politicians?

Some readers have been voicing the meme that the suppressed hit comedy BrainDead starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Laurel Healy was actually a dramatization of reality. In BrainDead, Winstead plays a documentary film-maker who discovers a conspiracy in which alien bugs are infecting the brains of a growing number of politicians and their staff. This secret hit has been growing in popularity among savvy Millennials since October 17, 2016, when CBS mysteriously canceled the popular series after one season. Some say that it was deliberately suppressed at the behest of Jared Kushner after a secret meeting with Russian operatives under the shadow of Arab overlords. Can anyone believe faux news?

Is this race secretly about controlling the CDC?

Obviously there would be a CDC alert if such bugs were real?

Unless this race is secretly about controlling the CDC which is located in Atlanta, GA?

Could this mean that this race is about preserving America from Alien brainbugs? Would that violate the Ancient Alien trademark?

Or does this mean that whichever of the two right wing parties wins the seat, it is only a propaganda victory?


Update June 21, 2017 4am ET

Political Scientist: Daniel Reagan Diggins called this race perfectly.

While the results of this race and the South Carolina race provide Republicans with propaganda victories, they also firmly link Republicans with Trump. Thus the next question with regard to American politics is will Republicans support Trump at the expense of the US Constitution if necessary?

What do you think?

Special Thanks to Daniel for links providing additional perspectives and research for this article.