Social Justice vs. Economic Justice: The False Dichotomy of Identity Politics

In this article, EuroYankee points out how US neoliberal Democrats are self-sabotaging:

“This fundamental “choice” between economic versus social justice seems to be a large part of the massive disagreement between Bernie supporters and Hillary supporters. To put it bluntly: many who were “with Her” were more interested in electing the first female POTUS than achieving single payer healthcare, tuition-free college and so on.”

But are the neoliberal Democrats self-sabotaging or simply attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of the “sheeple?” Are Democratic “progressives’ simply following an already published playbook?

Increasing numbers of Americans who are members of the US Democratic party and believe in Single Payer Healthcare, tuition free university etc… are calling themselves ‘Social Democrats’. These yanks are not the same as German or Swedish Social Democrats who are characteristically old style globalists and they are certainly not aligned with the Clintonian NeoLiberal Democratic elite.

I am looking forward to reading EuroYankee’s insights as to: What is the difference between the US Social Democrat vs the EU Social Democrat?

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