May made mistakes like an amateur

May’s cowers bring June showers

UK elections May change the political landscape in Britain, Scotland, and Wales for years to come. Did May secretly plot to give victory to the Labour party and if so what are her aims? Do British Conservatives wish to get out of Brexit? Do they wish to hand the nations problems over to Labour to be solved? All in all May proved to be “a difficult woman” for the Cons.

A toothy grin may not instill confidence

Crocodile Tears behind a toothy grin May no longer instill the confidence they once did. While mainstream Murdoch media in the UK pointed to a solid Con win, they were largely up to another attempt at a Con job. While this election May go to the Cons, it will most likely be a hung parliament. A Labour led coalition government is becoming an increasing likelihood, if not now, then once Corbyn retools the Labour platform / manifesto. As people go to the polls, it is looking likely that the Torys will tie with Labour, or ahead of Labour by 2% or 3%.

Our prediction yesterday was that the results will be:

CON 40%, LAB 39%, LDEM 3%, SNP 7% DUP 2% OTHER 9%

UKIP has essentially fulfilled its goal of a Brexit so they have nowhere to go but down and mostly likely out. The CON’s should experience the greatest losses due to the fact that May attacked her base with the Dementia tax. The Lib Dem’s have the advantage of the Pan-European political machine which generally flies in electioneers from Sweden and elsewhere. Due to the latest terrorist attacks, the Lib Dem’s may not get as many volunteers as they did for the French election, but I predict a gain mainly at the expense of the Con’s.

Orwell’s predictions have largely come true.

Most likely, we will see a coalition government of the Con’s with the DUPe’s and Lib Dem’s which will mean continuity of the Orwellian world begun in 1984 by Maggie Thatcher. If this is the case, then the onus for change will be up to Corbyn. The byline for Corbyn to remember will be “As you change, the whole world changes with you.”

The Cons bought the people of the Kingdom a kite so they would look up. They got the idea from Athol Fugard’s Master Harold and the Boys. It appealed to them because they got to literally tell the people of the United Kingdom to “go fly a kite” while they pick their pockets and steal their children’s futures.

Corbyn is tasked to uplift the hearts of the people while focusing their eyes on the truth and putting their hands to work building a future.

Labour will win an overwhelming majority WHEN Corbyn focuses the Labour platform on the needs of UK citizens. Corbyn must let go of old style globalism which today has become a vehicle to serve the needs of corporate overlords while negelecting working people. Labour must turn instead to tending to local UK needs. Railroads, power companies, water and other utilities must be returned to the people or turned into non-profit corporations that are awarded revocable contracts by parliament.

Corbyn’s Achilles’ heel is Labour’s profile as a party of racists. This stems from MP’s like Abbot who has made a number of racist comments, in conjunction with other MP’s making anti-semitic statements. The former is the greatest challenge because a British Political Party regardless of whether it is on the left or right must stand for all the people and cannot be seen to harbour racism whether it is from MP’s who have indigenous origins or immigrant parentage. Britain must stand united, and it is best when all Britain’s are united in support of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Solve the problems of the United Kingdom, before trying to solve problems outside of the UK.

All the Queen’s horses, and all the King’s Men couldn’t …

What brought about the seemingly sudden change of heart from the people of the UK?

Corbyn stands head and shoulders above the extreme right wing Torys who have now turned their back on their constituency with novel new methods of inhumanity such as depriving children of food, and the “Dementia Tax.”

While Corbyn understands that Blair’s embrace of the Clintonian Third Way of Corruption was a betrayal of working and professional folk. For Corbyn to go beyond being the 18th man and emerge victorious, he must forge a new Social Democratic Labour which focuses on the people of the United Kingdom by providing high quality free education, free rail transit, a higher level of medical care (eliminating all private care and focusing on health standards for all), a fair and legitimate tax system for the entire nation. In short New Labour must embrace the ancient philosophy of Social Democracy: “Evolution, not Revolution.”

Con’s push cool aid, but Corbyn needs a new suit

It would probably be best to let go of Northern Ireland and concentrate on the main island. Corbyn need not go to Saville Row to shed his old style Marxist-Socialist rags; he simply needs to toss out the old hat and put on local attire. Not that Corbyn needs to don a kilt and dance the Gillie Callum with Nicola Sturgeon, but rather it is time for Corbyn to become a New Millennium Social Democrat. This means dumping the globalist nonsense and focusing on taking care of his local UK constituents.

Steal a plank and that ship will never sail again

Until the problems of the United Kingdom are firmly placed in the past, there is no point in continuing bankrupt immigration policies. Steal a plank from UKIP and the ship of UKIP will remain sunk. While we swim through the sea of nautical metaphors let us explore the possibility that Sturgeon gets in the boat with Corbyn for the higher good of the Scottish people. Would a Sturgeon in the boat present a danger to Corbyn? Probably not as dangerous as Tony Blair’s neoLiberal nonsense.

May lost in June because her manifesto was loaded with poison pills for the “lower” classes. Cons openly propose taking food from the mouths of children, and on the other side of age, the aforementioned senility tax.

May’s “Middle England” is beginning to sound a bit like Tolkien’s “Middle Earth”

May’s “Middle England” is beginning to sound a bit like Tolkien’s “Middle Earth” under assault by an axis of wicked goblins, orks and internet trolls. Murdoch is either the clever Golem rubbing his hands together while drooling over a ring, or an evil Aging Wizard lusting over a curly red headed half orc / half human created in a laboratory who can share his joyful schadenfreude regarding all the misery that the Cons reign brings down upon the regular folk. Across the Atlantic is a demented clown king with an entire team of worm tongues and deluded zombies serving up political necrophilia with the hope of dismantling all Civil Society.

May pulled a page from the clown king’s “playbook” of destructive magic by blaming her predecessor for any problems as she conjures up new ways to “walk the pups.” She expects her subjects to sit, roll over, lie down as the Cons roll over them. Like Shakespeare’s Richard III, or Lord and Lady Macbeth, they will simply ignore the “wounded dogs,” when they later beg for medical treatment after being flattened by a busload of Lords and Ladies drunk on plundered Scotch. The question is whether the people of the United Kingdom are prepared to continue playing obedient hounds while assuaging their anxiety with Marmite.

Nose rings can keep voters from Lord Buckethead or the Monster Raving Loony Party

Whoever wins will need a coalition to rule. The CONs will need the DUPes to create their coalition. If they can get the Lib Dems to thrown in with them too, this would help them quite a bit.

But they will also need a new dark lord who can forge:

“One Ring to rule them all,
 One Ring to find them,
 One Ring to bring them all
 and in the darkness bind them.”

The question is who this Lord will be? If he or she is to continue serving the “destructive forces of dominance,” or DesFod, then a pledge must be made to Trump the needs of the people in order to better provide for the wants of the wealthy and powerful. Or perhaps the Cons can simply con themselves? “I wish I May, I wish I might, keep the people in line with a load of s#!+*.” If the CON’s continue as they are with wishy, washy MAYbe’s, this portends a dismal future.

May’s performance as home secretary was lacking. Cameron’s cretinous Brexit vote was a foolish ploy which is now giving rise to many “subjects of the Kingdom” reconsidering the UK situation. May treated pensioners poorly and displayed gross arrogance in calling this snap election. Since it is pensioners who vote conservative, even if the Cons maintain power this time, they will lose when Corbyn retools the Labour party.

“Did she just say: ‘take away their money when they get old and sick’?”

May’s cowardice toward debate may have sealed her fate, but her failure to answer questions properly coupled with a lack of figures in her manifesto will reflect on Conservatives for years to come. Since the 80’s conservatives have been content with a thatched roof, but Thatcher is long gone. May’s attempt to reincarnate The Iron Lady with softened domestic edges was doomed without a genuine concern for her aging constituency. While UK citizens have medical care, unlike yanks who simply have half-assed insurance that doesn’t even cover a proper colonoscopy, most UK citizens have no proper retirement. It is a crying shame that while the French can look forward to sunset years in a cafe with a bottle of plonk, most UK citizens will be lucky to have a couple of years with a decent Sainsbury tea.

Anyone living in or visiting the UK would have to go back to the 1980’s in order to purchase a reasonably priced ticket on British Rail. There is already talk that the venerable tourist industry will be severely hurt by the ongoing Islamist attacks in London and Manchester. But the Cons keep cutting back on everything while increasing the security of the rich and powerful. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a tax deductions for private security.

The UK’s failure to develop the nation’s greatest resource (all the citizens of the UK, whether of immigrant or indigenous parentage) has meant a decline in the overall level of education throughout the kingdom. Since the 1960’s Conservatives have sought to keep wages depressed through a steady influx of “refugees” from the failed empire without regard to the needs of its existing subjects. The problem of Islamic Radicalism would be greatly ameliorated if the UK were as livable as Sweden, or Norway. It is time for a new Nordic invasion, this time of values, but we can’t expect this to occur so long as the government is in the hands of recalcitrant conservatives who only care for themselves.

What caused Bridget Duxbury’s nightmare?

What caused Bridget Duxbury’s nightmare? Perhaps the fact that the UK lacks a constitution and is thus reliant on conjuring patriotism through other means such as respect for the Royal Family, apparently there are low levels of loyalty within UK’s burgeoning colonial communities. Colonists from Pakistan and other countries which were occupied by the British are turning the tables on their former conquerers. This is not difficult to observe, but as the old saying goes: “To see the valley one must climb the mountain.” Perhaps there is not a high enough vantage point for current British elites to truly comprehend their predicament. But you can be assured that if Trump can build a wall to keep the yanks from escaping, he can most certainly build some nice tall buildings in the UK for elites to enjoy looking down upon the subjects. The basic birds and blokes don’t stand a chance these days unless leaders like Sadig Khan show the way to a new Civil Society which embraces the best of what the country offers today and deals directly and rapidly with the problems created by those citizens who don’t value the nation that has given them a new home. In truth there is no room for hyphens in a nation that is united around higher principles. Hyphens are a sign of fragments. The people must pull together as one and in doing so create a new chapter in the history of the English speaking peoples.

The scuttlebutt from subjects throughout the Kingdom reveal certain issues that present a picture of coming evolution. This evolution will occur as Corbyn addresses the needs of UK’s citizens, providing the means for a transformation through entrepeneurial creativity. This cannot happen if the citizens are deprived of an education or millions of additional migrants are brought in to keep wages low. Corbyn must find a way to heal the rifts between himself and folks like Richard Branson with roots in the Inner Temple such that this is not only possible but simple and easy. It can be done and must to rekindle the greatness that ALL the people of the United Kingdom deserve.

As Corbyn understands the principle that “as we change ourselves, the whole world changes with us,” he will begin the transformation of Labour into the Social Democracy for the New Millennium. This is what Melenchon and others on the continent are working on. It is the Social Democracy that provides the experienced ceramicist with the financial support to create novel ceramic technologies. It is not the corrupt Clintonian Third Way of Tony Blair which is simply a pale reflection of NeoLiberalism. It is the future because it begins with caring for the children, ensures the education of the people, creates opportunities for the great artists and entrepreneurs, and follows through with the best retirement in the world for UK citizens.

The culture of Northern Ireland has transformed dramatically. The conflict between Protestants and Catholics appears to becoming history. Perhaps this is due to Ireland’s firm membership within the EU, but certainly contributing is Southern Ireland’s fading affair with Roman Catholic religious domination in the face of revelations of abuse in so many areas of society. The Celtic Renaissance has begun to look askance at the influence of the church on the parliament. This does not mean that the Roman Catholic church will disappear from Irish lives, rather that Civil Society is taking the front seat in the Emerald Isle to the benefit of all citizens of Eire.

If Corbyn retools the Labour manifesto, he could produce millions of Corbyclones!

The wisest move for Great Britain is to preempt all possible problems in Northern Ireland by moving to reunite Northern Eire with Eire proper by negotiating with the government of Eire to reconfirm Eire’s commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). This will guarantee the rights of all citizens of the United Eire. The goal of beginning reintegration of Northern Ireland with Ireland proper should be January 1st, 2019. Despite the likely objections of the Crown to this solution, the reunion of Ireland is inevitable, thus it is best for all parties concerned for parliament to negotiate from a position of strength. This will eliminate a major headache for all parties concerned and prepare the way for a much smoother Brexit.

All in all, yesterday the election May be a major upset for the Cons and is the shape of things to come for a long time if Corbyn gets busy on shaping a new labour manifesto which emphasizes the issues described above.