Corporate Health & Wellness: Creating a Sustainable Program

Are you trying to start a health and wellness program at your work? Or, are you trying to develop more value for a current program? Creating a health and wellness program from scratch can be a challenging venture but there are a lot of great resources to help you. About 17 years ago I was fortunate enough to help create a program for a large company that had about 240 offices across the country. This was a real challenge but we succeeded as a team!

A health and wellness program begins with a champion. This champion is the person or team that initiates the idea to the company. This person or team are the ones that are emotionally connected to initially creating and developing this idea. These champions will have to develop the idea to create a picture of what this program looks like so they can sell the idea to their HR department, President or company owner. The support of the HR department, company president or owner is a must for a successful program. The focus at this point is to create unwaivering support for a long-term sustainable program.

Selling the idea can be a challenge and at the same time can be very exciting. Social Endurance recommends beginning by creating a list of potential benefits. A sustainable health and wellness program may provide the following benefits:

  • More energetic employees
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased confidence and self esteem
  • Increased employee morale
  • Higher productivity
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Reduced health care and worker’s compensation costs
  • Reduce employee turnover

Each Corporate Wellness program is different because each company is unique. The overall goals and focus are the same but you will have to create the best program for your employees and company. Social Endurance recommends focusing on the whole wellness of the employees. The complete wellness of each person. This means a sustainable wellness program needs to focus on more than just the physical conditioning of the employees. Focus the program on initiatives that support the growth and improvement of the following:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Spiritual
  • Social / Emotional

A corporate focus on the complete wellness of the employees will demonstrate that the corporation cares about the overall health of each employee.

For a sustainable program, Social Endurance also highly recommends the involvement of family members. This helps support the idea of focusing on the overall well-being of the employees which includes their home life. This approach will also provide social and emotional support for employees and family members trying to make big changes to their health. Create opportunities for the employee and family members to participate in company sponsored wellness activites. The corporation is highly encouraged to publicly celebrate employee health and wellness achievements along with wellness activities by the employee and their family. Celebrate often!

Social Endurance has extensive and unique experiences in creating health and wellness programs for companies. We also practice what we preach by focusing on living a life of complete wellness. We are passionate about sharing our experience and helping others create engaging and sustainable health and wellness programs. We invite you to visit our website to learn more and reach out to us.