The Persian who made Americans think- Rumi

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī popularly known as Rumi was a 13th-century persian mystic poet whose writings have never ceased to influence the word to this date.

Rumi’s father was Bahā ud-Dīn Walad, a scholar, legal adviser and a spiritualist from Balkh, who was additionally referred to by the adherents of Rumi as Sultan al-Ulama or “Sultan of the Scholars”.The most imperative impacts upon Rumi, other than his father, were the Persian artists Attar and Sanai. Rumi communicates his appreciation: “Attar was the spirit, Sanai his eyes twain, And in time thereafter, Came we in their train”

He further appreciates the two in another sonnet: “Attar has traversed the seven cities of Love, We are still at the turn of one street”.

Rumi’s works are written mostly in Persian, but occasionally he also used Turkish, Arabic, and Greek in his verse. His Mathnawī, composed in Konya, is considered one of the greatest poems of the Persian language.

He is regarded as one of the most popular and accomplished poets of all times, and he has been best selling poet in the United States of America. Rumi’s work is so relevant to the modern day world that it trends on internet even to this date. Here are some Rumi Quotes which still trend on the internet.

“A craftsman pulled a reed from the ree bed, cut holes in it, and called it a human being. Since then, it’s been wailing a tender agony of parting, never mentioning the skill that gave it life as a flute”

“A wealth you cannot imagine flows through you. Do not consider what strangers say.Be secluded in your secret heart-house, that bowl of silence.”

“Be quiet now and wait. It may be that the ocean one, the one we desire so to move into and become, desires us out here on land a little longer, going our sundry roads to the shore.”

“Dear soul, don’t set a high value on someone before they deserve it; You either lose them or ruin yourself…!”

“Die! Die! Die in this love! If you die in this love, Your soul will be renewed. Die! Die! Don’t fear the death of that which is known If you die to the temporal, You will become timeless.”

“Do not seek water, get thirst.”

“Everything you possess of skill, and wealth, and handicraft, wasn’t it first merely a thought and a quest?”

“For the thirst to possess your love, is worth my blood a hundred times.”

“I will soothe you and heal you, I will bring you roses. I too have been covered with thorns.”

“I know you’re tired but come, this is the way.”

“For without you, I swear, the town Has become like a prison to me. Distraction and the mountain And the desert, all I desire.”

“If I could repeat it, people passing by would be enlightened and go free.”

“If there were no way into God, I would not have lain in the grave of this body so long.”

“Love calls — everywhere and always. We’re sky bound. Are you coming?”

“Like a sculptor, if necessary, carve a friend out of stone. Realize that your inner sight is blind and try to see a treasure in everyone.”

“Love isn’t the work of the tender and the gentle; Love is the work of wrestlers. The one who becomes a servant of lovers is really a fortunate sovereign. Don’t ask anyone about Love; ask Love about Love . Love is a cloud that scatters pearls.”

“Lovers find secret places inside this violent world where they make transactions with beauty.”

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