SocialEras: 4 Fashion Tips for Petite Women

May 8, 2019 · 3 min read

Let’s be honest: being short is not that easy. You've always pushed around and never taken seriously. If you wanna dress like you’re not that short or petite then you’ve landed on the right page. Let’s get straight into it.

But right before we dive in, let’s be clear that there is no “ideal” body type that everyone appreciates. So it’s better that you appreciate yourself and dress in a way that highlights your favorite bits.

We sat down with the fashion experts from SocialEras to get some industry insider insights. They gave us a lot of information that we’ve compiled it into this short and crisp blog piece. Let’s get cracking!

Maxi dresses

When it comes to dressing up for a short woman, remember that dressing in two halves can highlight your petiteness. So, maxi dresses are perfect to give you that whole, continuous look. Try to wear maxi dresses that have definition over straight cuts. Wear light fabrics like organza, georgette and so on.


Jumpsuits are the best friend of a petite woman. With their complete profile, jumpsuits affect your height appearance. Sleeveless jumpsuits open your frame which also makes you look taller. Throw a pair of nice boots and your friends will think you grew a few inches overnight!

Oversize sweaters and jeans

A cute petite woman in an oversized sweater? That’s in every movie ever! And the reason for that is because it makes you look adorable! Wear oversized sweaters and throw some nice types of denim with it. Go with high boots and voila, the girl next door look. The more stylish sweaters you can wear the better they look gets. Match your sweater with a choker or an ‘off the shoulder’ look and see what suits you the best and what you like better.

One piece

Wearing jumpsuits and oversized sweaters is great but sometimes you need to add royalty and class. This is where you need to dazzle up with a nice one-piece dress. Add layers to your one-piece whether it’s a t-shirt or a denim dress. Add a kimono or throw a shrug to add some layers.

Remember to never split your body in two while dressing. Check out SocialEras if you haven’t so far. They have a cool line of clothing that will be perfect to choose from for the tips mentioned in this blog.


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SocialEras clothing is something you should really check out if you can’t find the perfect thing to wear for your first date.

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