What is Twitter?

Twitter is one of the world’s largest social networking service available online. It allows its users to send, receive and read brief messages comprising of 140 characters at maximum. These messages are called tweets. There are two types of users and both have different privileges. First are registered user which can both read and write tweets and second are unregistered users who can only read tweets made by other registered users. Twitter is the social network of choice for many celebrities to stay connected with their fans and followers. That is because of the reliability and originality that Twitter provides to its users by adopting strict policies against fake users and spammers. User-friendly yet catchy interface is another feature which makes it successful and popular among all.

What has it to offer?

In spite for being used for generic communication purposes twitter offers tremendous potential for business. Here are few statistics that will definitely prove how high this potential is. There are approximately about one Billion registered users on twitter with near 302 million active users per month. About 100million users per day, and approximately, 508 followers per twitter user. Every user might be a potential customer. Trends have completed revised themselves as people tend to buy things while sitting at their home, one who is not making most out of this online market is a complete fool.

Business on Twitter

Twitter can help a business grow in three different ways. First of all it can direct traffic to a website that conducts business, hence providing an incredible number of potential customers. Secondly it can be used for advertisement and marketing purposes. A tweet about some attractive deal can reach millions of people within few moments. Surely, it is the fastest medium currently available. Thirdly, it can be used to gather information and conduct polls about what customers’ wants are. This information puts the whole business at a whole new level. E-commerce has become speedier than ever.


Now the part where the main problem lies, to conduct business through twitter or to incorporate twitter as an assistive tool in business requires an appreciably large number of followers so that one can reach maximum people. Getting more followers isn't as easy as it might seem. The average user has an average of 508 users which is negligible when it comes to conducting business. To get a large number of followers on account to be used for business activities might take a bit too long. An easy solution to all the hustle and time wastage that one must do to get followers is to buy instant twitter followers.


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