Workers World Party disintegration: 14 branches disappear, just 4 offices left

Socialist Observer
2 min readDec 28, 2018


A June 2018 issue of Workers World newspaper revealed the following branches

27 branches in June 2018

Now, in December 2018, there are only the following cities listed:

Only 13 left.

For those counting at home, of the nine offices listed in June, it’s now down to four: New York, Boston, Buffalo (the address is for a church), and Durham. The rest of the cities are just PO Boxes and email addresses. On Facebook, activists with the Communist Workers League (formerly the WWP branch in Detroit) have said that WWP has no one left in Detroit, despite it being listed here.

WWP has no presence at all on the West Coast it seems. San Diego, Los Angeles, and its Oakland office are no longer listed — just a “Bay Area” email address. These cities are rumored to have gone with the latest WWP split-off, Struggle for Socialism — Lucha Por el Socialismo, which also includes the former Baltimore branch. Decades-long veterans seem to be at the center of these splinters.

Nothing is said about this rapid contraction on the WWP website or on its social media though, and none of its members seem to be talking about it online. But of course inquiring minds want to know.

They always organize a big annual pep rally conference at the end of the year, where they proclaim how great and united and historic and internationally beloved their Party is. If you look through last year’s keynote speeches they were all about building a strong Party, expanding nationwide, recruiting lots of people, etc. So it’s understandable why they’d skip it this year. I mean, will there even be a Workers World Party in 2019?

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