Aideron Robotics provides ‘safe place' for WOW players in Eve Online.

An interview with Ash the CEO.

The Social Justice Warrior has always admired you for your work providing a safe place for World of Warcraft players in Eve Online but these latest reports​ are worrisome for us.

It is common knowledge backed by research that being a WOW player is a genetic trait. Due to this genetic trait WOW players are fragile, timid, lacking initiative and prone to grinding. Eve online is a harsh, unforgiving and competitive environment. We believe in the creation of safe places that are non-competitive so that marginalised groups can feel comfortable in Eve.

Our mining Corp in the system Actee provides a safe, secluded place for WOW players to exhibit their grinding behaviour.

When we bring them out of highsec into lowsec we always do so in large tour groups that we call ‘Aideron fleets’. They are only allowed to leave the station when the tour guide says so, and they never have to think for themselves, we fleet warp them everywhere and tell them what to shoot when.

Now Ash you are famous for your decisive action against a controversial cult that claims they can cure or rehabilitate WOW players.

We all know that is a load of rubbish. Being a WOW player is a genetic trait. Any attempt by this so called Black Shark Cult to change the fate of these WOW players is futile and abusive. WOW players are not pirates, they will never be. Some people are born officers, some are born into the deplorable masses, some are born WOW players, and others are born pirates. All are created equal and the Gallente Federation gives them each the specialist treatment they deserve.

This dangerous religious cult is out preaching that WOW players can be born again as pirates.

Their methods of brainwashing are classified by the Federation as crimes against humanity. They offer themselves as sacrifices to their god Jaws. Can you believe that this is a popular trend in this modern age of scientific progress and justice? They are so audacious to suggest that it is possible for WOW players to learn initiative, leadership and self reliance. They accuse us of repressing WOW player and holding them back from reaching their full potential.

This is against the principles of freedom that the Gallente state stands for. I refuse to continue on this uncultured topic of conversation.

We will continue our campaign to reclaim lowsec from the pirate menace. The Aideron Robotics police force is here to make the universe safe, to put everything in its correct place. From our base in Fortress Fliet, we will make lowsec safe again.

As you mentioned we have already destroyed the fanatic Black Shark Cult and have destroyed their training schools so they cannot train new pirates. We will continue to destroy small isolated pirate groups and repurpose their assets to serve the Federation.

If you want to Make Lowsec Safe Again join us on our current campaign to destroy the notorious pirate menace known as Soul Takers.

Thanks Ash for this insightful look into the philosophy that drives Aideron Robotics.
Watch out for next week’s article on the 3 groups that are most marginalised by gaming culture.