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Nov 6, 2017 · 5 min read

Hello all! Welcome to a very exciting post regarding our rebrand and development updates of the new platform. We’re going to share some designs of the platform along with our new logo and some plans for the future.

We’ll begin with our rebrand from “Nexus” to “Social”. This was made a reality by the help and voice of the community. Many asked “if you’re coin is called Social, why not just name the platform Social and your coin SCL?”. We found that to be a very valid point — so we decided to go with it.

Introducing our new logo for Social.

The logo represents Blockchain with the interlinking chains, along with incorporating an outline of a “S” in the middle. It’s fun, inviting and exciting.

Over the coming weeks you’ll see us fade out the “Nexus” brand and begin using “Social”. Many of our social media accounts will be rebranded, renamed, and possibly even moved to a new account.

The one spot where “Nexus” will be continued in use is the current live version of the platform.

We are currently in negotiations in purchasing a new domain name and should have it in our hands in the coming weeks. We’ll have another announcement once we have acquired it.

Onto the exciting stuff — the designs of the new platform, version 2.0.

Our new signup page is straight to the point. The form has been reduced from five steps in the current version, to just one simple form. We incorporated a background video on the right, along with a link to an explainer video and some basic statistics.

Definitely the most exciting screen — the home feed. It’s been completely redesigned from the ground up with sidebars, simple scroll news feed, easier in-feed posting, discoveries, SCL balance, and links to all major features with a single click.

We’re allowing users to connect their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to find friends that are already on Social. We will not be linking these accounts any further than that, and will not allow publishing of Social posts to other social networks for the time being.

The newest feature added to our platform — the Community board. This is where users can post news or announcements publicly to the entire Social community and receive likes, responses and shares. We may eventually introduce a rewards based system and allocate SCL to users that are constantly posting popular and unique content inside the Community section of Social.

Another new feature is event discovery for publicly assessable events. Events on Social can be either public or private. Public events can be found within the “Discover Events” page and may be attended to by any user on Social. All events have their very own news feed, marketplace and crowdfund pages. This can help in many ways, such as if items are being sold for the event (such as merchandise) they can also be sold directly through the events marketplace section for SCL.

If a user is attending a public event, this will also be displayed on their personal profile on Social for other members to see. For example, if Bob is attending a public Blockchain conference in Australia, when users visit his personal profile on Social, they can then visit the “Events” tab on his profile to see that he is planning to attend this event. We will eventually allow users to turn this feature on to private incase they would like this information hidden.

This is a group profile for a public group. Like events, groups can be either public or private. Public events can be joined by any user on Social without approval, while private events are invitation only. Groups are mainly for creating a new news feed for posting, marketplace and crowdfunds. All groups also have a group chat where users can speak to the entire group instantly.

We hope you enjoyed the sneak peak into what we’re developing. We have far more screens that we’d love to share, although we have to keep some things a secret otherwise the initial launch of version 2.0 in Q1 2018 won’t be much of a surprise!

Many of the screens not unveiled include:

  • The marketplace feeds where SCL is exchanged for goods and services
  • Crowdfunding feed where funds can be posted asking for SCL donations
  • Notifications
  • Dedicated messaging page
  • Public group discovery
  • Poll posts in news feeds
  • User profiles
  • Profile editing
  • Searching
  • SCL balance, transactions and top-ups

We’re currently half way through the process of converting all mockups to CSS/SCSS and HTML for integration into the Angular solution. This will be completed alongside integrating the new APIs from the backend team. Amir started with us today, so the dev team now expands to 4 full time members! Still on track for a Q1 2018 launch, which is only around 3-4 months away from now.

Stay tuned for another development update this time next week.

As always, please email if you have any questions regarding this post.

Sociall (SCL)

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Sociall is a secure and private social network for all that utilises its native cryptocurrency, SCL.

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